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How to rationalize the design of music fountain

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A city’s prosperity will certainly improve the local economic development, to create a landmark city from which to start? And musical fountain happens to be a good idea, how can we reasonably design a musical fountain? Musical fountain company summarizes the following.

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1: respect the local natural landscape

In the design and construction do not damage the environment, to ensure that the project has an excellent water quality, do not waste resources, siting as close as possible to the original water source, so that the recycling of water resources.

2: Tapping the local characteristics

Through the landscape, humanities and history of the depth of research, showing the unique style of each region, to be unique, distinctive, highlighting the style of each place.

Zhengzhou music fountain company

3: choose the right water type, music, lighting with

Also need to fully consider the cost of equipment, effects and other issues, after all, the music fountain is not a flash in the pan, but will be a long-running project, in the design needs to be considered.

Music fountain as a humanistic landscape, the design should also focus on humanism, by setting up interactive links, interactive devices, etc., so that the audience is not only able to watch, but can personally participate, close to play, close to the water, close to the water.


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