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What Skills Do Fountain Planning Have

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Fountains were originally a natural landscape and outcrop of confined water on the ground, but now most of the fountains are artificial fountains with decorative features created for the needs of landscape construction. It not only has rich and gorgeous water spray, but also can be combined with music, colorful lighting and so on. The fountain company introduced the fountain planning skills accordingly.

Search for beautiful, settling structure and inner piping of sprinkler pool

According to general requirements, plan the structure of sprinkler pool

The most common way is to make the wall above the ground so that the wall can be used to store water and make a small eaves with the top of the wall above the water surface, so that people can sit. Otherwise, when the water spray waves or strong winds occur, it can not simply splash out of the pool. The water pan in the fountain can plan all kinds of tricks and methods according to the needs of artistic construction. There are three basic methods: orifice overflow type, overflow weir type and combination type.

2. Seeking Beauty and Planning Pipeline in Sprinkler Pool

When planning the piping of sprinkler pool, we should consider the beautiful shape of sprinkler head. Generally considering the straight nozzle, the straight pipe section should have 20 to 50 times the diameter of the nozzle length, of course, there can not be a sharp turn of this situation. If required, a rectifier can be installed in the pipe section before the nozzle to make the spray water column more compact. If it must be set as a broken line or annular section, the flow speed should not exceed 0.5-0.6m/s in general. Only in this way can the inclination of the sprinkler be ensured. At this time, it is better to choose the direction of the adjustable sprinkler. In addition, distribution pipes should be based on the pattern of equipment to determine the branching or annular settlements. Pipeline joints need to be lubricated and compact. Large turning radius of the lubricated elbow should also be selected at the turning point, and different diameter pipes should be selected when changing foreign countries.

2. Be down-to-earth, plan the appreciation orientation, shape and fountain scale of the fountain 1. Be down-to-earth, plan the appreciation orientation and shape of the fountain
The orientation and shape of the fountain should be decided according to the local conditions and the summing-up requirements of the construction art. With the first place to appreciate the address as the center, the first thing to consider is the design of the pattern, considering the number of sprinkler shapes, the appropriate orientation and the installation of underwater lights, and then put forward the appropriate change plan of sprinkler posture and the requirements of the appropriate amount of water and the control method of the hydraulic press, so that the pattern becomes orderly and rational, bright and dark.

2. Decide the size of the fountain according to the demand

Generally speaking, the radius of the pool is not less than the sprinkler height. Generally speaking, the shallower the depth of the fountain, the smaller the amount of water needed to change when the water is empty. But if the depth of the fountain is too shallow, under the sunlight, the algae is simple and agile to multiply, so a certain amount of chemicals are needed to avoid the formation of algae. Long. If the underwater lamp needs equipment, the optimum distance between the underwater lamp and the water surface is about 60 mm, and the water depth of the pool is generally 60 mm. If the pipeline needs to be layered, the water depth should be determined according to the actual demand.

3. Convenience-oriented, setting up other equipment

1. Easy to clean, the setting of overflow drainage and recharge equipment of sprinkler pool should be careful not to affect the beauty, and be easy to clean and dredge. Before the overflow outlet, a grille should be set up to prevent floating objects from blocking the pipeline, and the gap of the grille should be no more than 1/4 of the diameter of the drainage pipe. The primary function of the drainage equipment is to facilitate cleaning. If it is to be repaired or the operation of the sprinkler tank is suspended, the water should be emptied. The general discharge methods are pressure type and gravity type. If the circulating water system is selected, the drainage outlet of the pool can be used with the suction outlet of the pump to drain air defense. The drainage pit should be equipped with grilles and screens to prevent blockage of drainage pipes and circulating pumps.

2. According to different needs, there are two ways to change the flowing posture of equipment fountain and control the flowing posture of fountain: one is to control the start and stop of several pumps together. This method can ensure that other pumps are not operating except the sprinkler pumps. It can separate the pumps according to the required lift, save pipelines and consume less electricity. However, the frequency of starting and stopping of the pumps is frequent and the equipment is easy to be damaged. The second is to install a control valve between the pump outlet pipe and the sprinkler head, that is, to use a water pump to control the sprinkler heads of multiple systems, and to replace the sprinkler system with the control valve. Together, the sprinkler system near the water volume and the water pressure is completed by a water pump. And be careful not to disturb the spray from each sprinkler system.

3. Pay attention to the rational use of water lifting equipment and lighting equipment

Water sprinklers are usually equipped with water pumps. Horizontal centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps are commonly used. When submersible pumps are selected, they are directly placed in pools or deeper suction pits and covered with grilles. The area of suction filters should not be less than 5 mm. Large fountains can choose these two pumps together to satisfy different requirements.

For example, submersible pump local water supply can be adapted to a single nozzle away from the pump water supply area, while centrifugal pump for other nozzles. When choosing centrifugal pumps, semi-underground or underground pumping houses should be built, and the orientation should be as far as possible within the local or green areas where the pool is not conspicuous. Of course, the distance between the pools can not exceed 25m, considering the ventilation and drainage of the pump room. The maximum planned flow rate of pump suction pipe is 0.3m/s. When equipping pipes and valves, attention should be paid to the appropriate height of empty hill pumping house and reasonable use space, and to the method of emptying water in pipes.


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