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Fountain factory teaches you how to use submersible pump

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Fountain pumps are very important in landscape projects. The type of pumps should be selected according to the actual situation of water sources, operation time and pump volume. Today, the specialist of fountain pump in Sichuan Neijiang Art Fountain Factory teaches you how to use submersible pump.


I. Environmental Requirements for Submersible Pumps of Fountain Pumps

1. The fountain pump has a safe and reliable power supply.
2. The difference of water surface between outlet and pool is less than head.
3. Choose relatively clean water sources.

II. Fountain Pump Launching

1. The 11 kW submersible pump promises to start directly. Submersible pumps above 13 kW shall be equipped with pressure-reducing starting cabinets. To maintain the safe operation of submersible pumps.
2. In order to avoid the instantaneous channeling of the submersible pump rotor and reduce the starting load. When starting the submersible pump, the outlet valve stroke should be closed to 3/4. (Leave 1/4 air gap. In order to deflate) to start the water after slowly turning over. To the pump operating point control in the appropriate direction.
3. After the start of the operation. Monitoring and observation of water level changes should be strengthened. Ensure the operation of submersible pump in the working range. The submersible pump can not be put into formal operation until it runs smoothly.
4. Five hours after the submersible pump was put into operation for the first time. Quickly measure thermal insulation resistance during shutdown. Its value is not less than 0.5M. Talent continues to be used.

III. Operation of fountain pump

1. The submersible pump of the fountain pump shall operate at the planned operating point. The axial force is moderate at the moment. Fountain pump research found that in the planning point operation, the pump efficiency is the highest. The most economical and reliable. 2. The submersible pump of fountain pump should be inspected thoroughly every 8 hours. Has the appearance changed? Is the circuit node heating? Is the sound normal? Is the normal operating current greater than the rated value of motor brand name?
IV. Pump Shutdown

Before shutdown of submersible pump of fountain equipment pump. To prevent backflow of water. The fountain pump reminds you that the valve should be closed when the power supply is blocked. Start from scratch more than 20 minutes away.


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