What are the waterscape effects of the fountain?
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What are the waterscape effects of the fountain?

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The fountain is one of the water features. The water column that lifts and descends is like dancing ballet, rotating, jumping, landing, beautiful like a white swan, forming a dynamic landscape.  The SCNJ Art Fountain Factory below tells everyone about the fountain as a landscape, and what effect it has.


Basal action

We all know that water has buoyancy. In the construction of hydrological landscape, the large-scale application of water can make people’s vision more open and can serve as the base of water landscape. If it is a small area of ​​water, it can also have a three-dimensional sense in the entire space, which can reflect the scenery on the shore, and can expand and enrich the visual space of the hydrological landscape.

2. Lacing effect

The water surface can connect gardens or sights of different places and levels to give them a sense of unity, and put the water surface with different plane shapes and sizes in a whole environment. The connection of water is mainly caused by two types, namely linear belt and surface band. The typical representative of the linear belt in life is the West Lake in Hangzhou. The strip of water in the West Lake stretches for a long time, connecting the two sides of the landscape with integrity. The common features of the park are the landscape construction of the park. The general park landscape is built according to the water surface, which makes the water surface and the surrounding landscape unified and has a sense of unity.

3. Focus

The dynamic water features and sounds of waterfalls falling from high altitudes and gushing fountains are constantly changing, attracting people’s attention and attracting tourists’ attention. When designing, designers should not only properly handle the proportional relationship and scale between these dynamic waters and the surrounding environment, but also consider where they are located. The usual practice is to place the water scene in the middle of a certain space or at a point where people’s line of sight is concentrated, so that it can be easily discovered and viewed by tourists. Can fully reflect the focus of the waterscape.