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Fountain factory construction failures and solutions

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There are three main ways to control the spray water volume, spray time and spray pattern changes of fountains: fountain design, construction and maintenance manufacturers are music fountains, artificial fog forest, square fountains, cold fog, water fountains, water curtain movies, Professional fountain company for fountain services such as water fountain design, fountain equipment, etc.





Hand valve control: The common control method is to install a manual control valve on the water supply pipe of the fountain to adjust the pressure and flow of water in each pipe section to form a fixed water spray.

Relay control: Usually, the time relay is used to control the opening and closing of the water pump, solenoid valve, color lamp, etc. according to the designed time program, so as to realize the automatic change of the water spray attitude.

Sound control: The sound-controlled fountain is a kind of self-controlled fountain that uses body sound to control the change of the water spray of the fountain. The principle of the sound-controlled fountain is to change the sound signal into an electric signal. After amplification and other processing, the relay or its electronic switch is pushed to control the opening and closing of the solenoid valve set on the waterway, so as to control the on and off of the nozzle water flow . In this way, as the sound changes, one can see changes in the size, height and shape of the water spray.


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