Types of fountain sculptures and their water supply forms
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Types of fountain sculptures and their water supply forms

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As the name implies, fountain sculpture refers to the artificial fountain equipment used to beautify the environment, which is a kind of sculpture, generally refers to the sculpture placed around or in the center of the fountain. These sculptures have a very strong visual impact, complementing the spectacular scenery of the fountain, making the environment more attractive. Fountain sculpture and fountain theme contrast, a collection of sculpture art, environmental beautification and other human knowledge. It is the first choice for people to take pictures.

 Fountain sculpture
There are many kinds of fountain sculptures, which can be divided into the following categories.

1) Ordinary decorative fountains consist of fixed fountains with various flower patterns.
2) Fountain and sculpture combined together constitute the landscape.
3) Water sculpture is a kind of large-scale water column gesture created by man and machine to form a landscape.
4) The automatic fountain uses electronic technology to control water, light, sound and color according to the design procedure, forming a strange and changeable landscape.
5) in addition to the above types, other types include high fountain, dry fountain, cascade spring, music fountain, running spring, jumping spring, floating fountain, small spring, dynamic spring, music running spring and so on. Spray water can also form unique waterscape

The main forms of fountain water supply are: direct current water supply, pump circulating water supply and submersible pump circulating water supply.

Fountain fountain head is the main working part to complete the fountain artistic modeling. Its function is to spray water with certain pressure through the fountain head to form gorgeous spray over the water surface. Various combinations of sprinklers can create a variety of water landscape, exciting, exciting, and produce wonderful artistic effects. There are many kinds of fountain sprinklers. According to their structural form, they can be divided into direct firing, rotating, water film, suction, atomization and so on. According to the flower shape of the spray water, they can be divided into dandelion, bell flower, morning glory, mushroom, ice tower, open screen and spray nozzle.

With the application of light, electricity, sound and automatic control devices in fountains, the emergence of music fountains, intermittent fountains and laser fountains has enriched the contents of fountains, and enriched people’s double feelings of vision and hearing. The famous fountains in Chinese history, such as the Dashuifa Fountain Group in Beijing Yuanmingyuan, the modern ones on both sides of Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the temporary ones in Tiananmen Square on National Day, are magnificent and magnificent, winning praise and applause from both Chinese and foreign tourists.