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Water fountain is like a water hibiscus

Publish Time:2019/06/13 News Number of views:932

Why is the water fountain so beautiful? Below is a small series of our company to explain in detail why the water fountain is like a hibiscus.

Water fountain
First, the scene of the water fountain:
The water fountain , twisting the graceful dance to sway the water, and the colorful lights illuminate the pool from the water. Suddenly, the water column of the fountain has a variety of colors. Sometimes the orange-red is very dazzling, the sprinkling of the water forms a fog, such as the same smeared red glow; sometimes it is aquamarine, forming a curtain of jade beads; it is as clear as crystal, dreamy and pure; it is tall like a pagoda, sacred and magnificent It is as enchanting as a fairy, and it is light and moving. Sometimes purple, rose, scorpion, water, and pillar form a mysterious magician; sometimes it is a royal blue, like a fairy holding thousands of gems to the audience.
Second, the audience experience of the water fountain
The waves in my heart are also one after another. I can’t imagine that the fountain can be lit up by the colorful lights next to the water fountain in the shape of a lotus flower. There are red, blue, green…like the beauty of the hibiscus, in the lantern Under the radiance, it presents different colors, as if she is dancing, it is very beautiful. The beautiful fountain is accompanied by crisp music, high and low, from time to time, high is tens of meters high, low is only one meter high. The tallest is the middle of the lotus altar, like a Optimus Prime, straight into the clouds, really spectacular. The fountain was sprayed to the sky at a time, and then the pearls that had broken the line were scattered down. A breeze blew, like smoke and fog. It was beautiful.

Third, the setting around the fountain:
There are many flowers and trees around the water fountain, which is surrounded by a circle, like many children of different nationalities singing and holding hands! There is a big mouth in the center of the fountain, and there is a small mouth next to it, like a flower. There are four flower-like shapes around, and four spray-like shapes that look great.
Finally, this new water fountain has left a deep impression on us. Let us remember that there is a beautiful fountain. Every night, the fountain is full of colorful light and dazzling. Adding to the city has become one of the important sights of the city.


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