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Fountain Company’s tips on the design of the fountain in the square

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The fountain was originally a natural landscape, the ground outcrop of confined water, and most of the current fountains are decorative artificial fountains built for the needs of landscaping. It is not only rich in beautiful water, but also combined with music, color lighting and so on. This article introduces the design of fountain design.

First, the pursuit of beauty, the layout of the fountain and the internal pipeline
1. Design the structure of the fountain according to general requirements
The most common practice is to make the pool wall higher than the ground, so that the wall can be used to store water, and at the same time make a small provocation that the top of the pool wall is higher than the water surface, so that people can sit. In addition, when the water sprays a wave or winds, the water splash can not be easily splashed out of the pool. The water tray in the fountain can be designed according to the needs of the art building. There are three basic methods: hole overflow, overflow weir and combination.
2, the pursuit of beauty, design the pipeline inside the fountain
When designing the piping of the fountain, it should be considered that the water sprayed from the nozzle is beautiful in appearance. Generally consider a straight nozzle, the straight pipe section should have a length of 20 to 50 times the diameter of the nozzle, of course, there can be no sharp turn. If necessary, a rectifier can be placed inside the pipe section in front of the nozzle to make the water column more compact. If it is necessary to set the line pipe section or the ring pipe section, the required flow rate should generally not exceed 0.5~0.6m/s to ensure the slope of the nozzle. At this time, it is better to use the adjustable nozzle for the direction. In addition, the water distribution pipe should be arranged in a dendrite or ring shape according to the pattern configuration. Pipe joints must be smooth and rigorous, and smooth bends with large turning radii should be used for turning, and different diameter pipes should be used outside the boundary.
Second, seek truth from facts, design the viewing position, shape and size of the fountain
1. Seek truth from facts, design the viewing position and shape of the fountain
The viewing position and shape of the fountain should be determined according to various local conditions and the comprehensive requirements of the architectural art. Focusing on the main viewing location, the first consideration of the pattern is to consider the number of nozzles, the appropriate position and the placement of the underwater lights, so as to propose an appropriate water spray attitude change scheme and appropriate water volume and hydraulic press control methods. The requirements make the pattern orderly, light and dark.
2, according to the needs, determine the size of the fountain
In general, the radius of the pool is not less than the water spray height. The depth of the fountain should generally be determined according to the needs of the nozzle device. Generally speaking, the shallower the depth of the spray pool, the smaller the amount of water required to vent the water, but if the depth of the spray pool is too shallow, the sunlight is irradiated. Under the algae, algae are prone to rapid reproduction, so it is necessary to put a certain amount of chemicals to prevent the growth of algae. If you need to install underwater lights, the optimal distance of the underwater lights from the water surface is about 60mm, and the water depth of the pool is usually 60mm. If the pipes need to be arranged in layers, the water depth should be determined according to actual needs.
Third, convenient guidance, set up other equipment
1. Easy to clean, set overflow overflow and recharge device of fountain
The overflow device should be installed so as not to affect the appearance, and it is easy to clean and dredge. A grille should be installed in front of the overflow port to prevent the floating material from clogging the pipe. The gap of the grille should be no more than 1/4 of the diameter of the drain pipe. The main function of the drain device is to facilitate cleaning. If the valve is to be repaired or the fountain is stopped, the water should be emptied. The general way of draining is pressure type and gravity type. If a circulating water system is used, the pool drain can be used in conjunction with the pump suction port, and the pump can be used to drain the air. A grate should be placed on the sump and cover the screen to prevent the drain pipe and circulating water pump from being clogged.
2. According to different needs, the installation and transformation of the fountain water posture
There are two ways to change the water position of the fountain: one is to control multiple pumps to start and stop at the same time. This method can ensure that except for the water pump that is spraying water, the other pumps do not run. The pump can be selected according to the required lift, which saves the pipeline and consumes less power. However, the pump starts to stop frequently and is easy to damage the equipment. The second is to install a control valve between the water pump outlet pipe and the nozzle. It is to use one water pump to control the nozzles of multiple systems, to change the working of the nozzle system with the control valve, and to use a water pump for the nozzle system with similar water and water pressure. To be done. Also, be careful not to disturb the spouting of each sprinkler system.
3. Pay attention to the rational use of water pumping equipment and lighting facilities
The water spray is generally provided with a water pump. The commonly used water pump is a horizontal centrifugal pump and a submersible pump. When the submersible pump is used, it is directly placed in the tank or deeper in the water absorption pit, and covered with a grille. The area of ​​the water absorption filter should not be less than 5 mm. Large fountains can be used with both pumps to meet different requirements. For example, the submersible pump local water supply can be adapted to the individual nozzles away from the pump water supply area, while the centrifugal pump is used for the remaining nozzles. When using a centrifugal pump, a semi-underground or underground pump room should be built, and the location should be as close as possible to the pool’s inconspicuous or green area. Of course, the distance from the pool should not exceed 25m, taking into account the ventilation and drainage of the pump house. The maximum design flow rate of the water pump suction pipe is 0.3m/s. When configuring pipes and valves, you should pay attention to the proper height of the empty mountain pump house and the reasonable use of space, and pay attention to the water venting measures in the pipe.


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