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Music fountain daily cleaning is how

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Regular cleaning can prevent the pipes from freezing and cracking due to weather or damage to the lamps, but also regularly check whether the suction port is blocked. Regular cleaning of the computer and upgrade the computer program and regular start fountain equipment, to extend the service life of the equipment and equipment to play a very positive role in the stable operation: music fountain equipment in cleaning should also pay special attention.


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1, the music fountain pipeline cleaning: once a year. Winter fountain equipment before decommissioning should be drained of water in the pipe to prevent the pipe from freezing and cracking.

2, music fountain nozzle and underwater lights cleaning: half a year cleaning, cleaning attention to the nozzle riser and underwater lights, to prevent damage.

3, the music fountain pump cleaning: fountain pump suction port to clean once a month to prevent dirt clogging suction port, reduce efficiency, and even cause equipment loss. (Submersible pumps must be discharged during the winter out of use cooling water to avoid ice damage to the pump body, oil-cooled pumps need to close the valve)


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