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Professional fountain construction company introduces you to laser water curtain film

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Introduction to Laser Water Curtain Movies—Laser water curtain film is a laser film that projects on a water curtain to play movies and images. It consists of a laser system and a water curtain system. The technology uses a variety of scientific principles such as hydraulics, optics, and acoustics, combined with a three-dimensional, dynamic media produced by a variety of modern scientific systems. Compared with the old-fashioned movie screening mode, its dynamic and realistic art form and versatile and gorgeous presentation mode are widely appreciated by the audience. The professional fountain construction company introduces you to the laser water curtain movie.

Laser water curtain movies are no strangers. After three-dimensional movies and panoramic movies, the most lively and most refreshing thing today is the laser water curtain movie. Under the control of the computer program, the color laser beam is projected onto the water curtain through a color synthesizer and a laser projector to show people various special optical effects. The laser water curtain projection signal source is diversified, the source of the demonstration is not limited, and even live broadcast can be done. Laser water curtain movies can be installed in various squares and wide water surfaces.

The water curtain film appeared in the 1980s, and the water curtain film mainly consists of a water curtain generator and a projector (projector). The water curtain generator sprays water from the bottom to the top at high speed to atomize the water to form a fan-shaped “screen”. The projector then projects the film on the “screen” to form a water curtain movie. The water curtain can be up to 20 meters, which can be integrated into several water curtains, and multiple water curtains can be arranged in the primary and secondary. Since the screen of the water curtain movie is a transparent water film, there is a special optical effect when the movie is played. The visual transparency of the water curtain allows the picture to have a three-dimensional feeling. The content of the film is ingeniously combined with the water surface, and there is an immersive fantasy.


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