How does the fountain company customized design for an music fountain?
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How does the fountain company customized design for an music fountain?

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The design of the music fountain is the wisdom of the fountain company’s fountain design team, and it also reflects the overall strength of the fountain company design team.The superior music fountain pays attention to the design, integrates the architectural aesthetics into the waterscape design, in harmony with the environment, which becomes the finishing touch.


First,investigating the site, surrounding environment and basic conditions.Secondly,The staff should held a meeting with the fountain design team.

2.Theme & concept

The fountain design team combines the local history, culture and human characteristics to conceive the fountain theme and concept.

3.The form of a fountain

The “water dance” show(stage performance):the performance can activate the atmosphere of the whole scenic spot, and it is useful to expand the tourist tour time. The “water dance” plays a role in enriching the product line of the scenic spot.

The waterscape show(fountain show): the original custom water show for the scenic spot is a comprehensive waterscape show which integrates video images, fountains, lights, lasers and other elements. The core of the waterscape show is to display.

4.The guideline of the fountain show

The design team, through various channels to consult and collect the information, understand the local ancient and modern culture, the historical allusions, and the well-known figures, find the water show plot pivot and the main line, agree with the fountain show’s theme to write the main character of the story and the plot.

The above is the overall structure of music fountain design. The customized service of Fountain Company describes the fountain design scheme in detail, so as to help more customers understand the whole process of music fountain from scratch, from scratch to precision.the brand music fountain manufacturer