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How to match the color of indoor rockery fountain? The role of indoor fountains?

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The color of indoor rockery is generally red, green and blue. If your rockery is not large, you can add a lantern with a cold fog effect. The indoor rockery fountain does not need to pursue the shape of the rock too much, it is too thin, leaky and transparent, so the selection of the stone is more difficult. When constructing a pool, the spray pool is generally greater than the height of the jet, ie at an angle of 45 ° to prevent splashing. Fountain company is committed to the design of music fountains , construction of water features enterprises, the company focuses on music fountains , square fountains , water curtain movies , water fountains , artificial fog and other technologies research and development and promotion. Fountain company professional fountain design, construction and manufacturing enterprise: a fountain company that integrates fountain design, manufacturing, installation, and subsequent maintenance. Mainly undertakes: music fountains , program-controlled fountains, dry fountains , community and square fountains and other fountain projects.


indoor rockery fountain

Indoor rockery fountains have many functions. The most important are the decoration and the benefits to the human body. Here we analyze.

Indoor rockery fountain —- decoration: The combination of rockery fountain and potted plants or characteristic plants, decorative crafts, and lamps can change the dullness and monotony of the indoor environment; flowing water, flowers and colored lights complement each other, making these space scenes new and full Angry, has a wonderful feeling of entering Wonderland.

Indoor rockery fountain atomization —- treatment: add aromatherapy essential oil in the water, the fragrance will radiate with the water, and it will be full of fragrance in the room. According to different hobbies, you can add fragrance or traditional Chinese medicine suitable for you to feel, such as (Chinese vinegar, toilet water and other traditional Chinese medicine). Adding bonsai water under the guidance of the doctor can play an atomizing treatment effect.

Indoor rockery fountain —- purify the air and eliminate odors: The air purification rockery fountain can continuously generate a large number of negative ions. The small water droplets of the fountain collide with air molecules, which can generate a large number of negative oxygen ions, which can effectively expel odorous second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, Bacteria and harmful dust absorb carbon dioxide and electromagnetic radiation released by home appliances, further eliminating positive ions floating in the air.

Indoor rockery fountain —- covering noise: bringing tranquility In the space where we live, a rockery fountain brings natural sound to the room. The sound, though soft, is enough to cover up the surrounding noise-such as the sound of car engines on the streets and the tremors of air conditioning or other office equipment. The sound of water is gentle, water drops splash, and the natural rhythm that hits the container can eliminate many unwanted noises, bringing a sense of tranquility and leisure.

Indoor rockery fountain —- Tianfu to promote wealth: Fengshui mascot Fengshui promotes wealth and stubbornness. A good career in life, flowing water, stone to run, money rolling in, long flowing water increases your work and living space. Dynamic and aura, combined with the use of metaphysics, will bring you a steady stream of wealth, make your work and life full of beautiful pages, let you always have good luck, and your heart is full of joy and prosperity. Moreover, it will make people happy and have a long life.

The fountain company has found for many years of research, and according to modern scientific analysis, that in the flow of spring water, it will produce some negative ions that are beneficial to humans and the environment, and it can also absorb some energy in the air that is beneficial to human health. Therefore, the room and Setting up a small indoor rockery fountain in the home can achieve many functions in Feng Shui.

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