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The fountain company introduces five fountains for everyone

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As human demands for beauty continue to increase, both architectural styles and various decorations require excellence. The fountain is a very common thing in life, but it is designed by the designer to make different shapes. As the rhythm of music changes, the water flow is either anxious or slow, but there are many strange fountains in the world. Today, the fountain company Xiaobian introduces five fountains for everyone.

First: Al Alamen Fountain. It is located in Sydney and is a fountain built to commemorate the Sydney War. It is of special significance. Its shape is very chic, like a dandelion. The nozzle is emitted from the middle to the outside, so it is sprayed out in a thin nozzle to form a huge spherical shape. With the ingenious lighting is simply beautiful.

The second one: Dubai’s romantic music fountain, the style is more unique, he is the world’s largest fountain, the combination of light and water makes the whole shape more unique. The most amazing thing is the light. I believe that people who come here will definitely take pictures, even if they can’t describe the beauty in front of them.

The third: I believe that the Rome Treasure Pool is the dream of many girls. It is the iconic building of the whole city. There are many statues of lifelike figures, where water pours down, if you make coins in the wishing pool and make your own The desire to be sure can be achieved. If a couple makes a wish, their love will last forever.

The fourth: Banpu Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is located in Seoul, South Korea. He is an artistic fountain built on the bridge. Together with the combination of gorgeous lights, it is like a bright rainbow. The total length is more than 1,100 meters, and it is a musical fountain. The water used is the water in the Han River, which not only saves construction costs, but also has a new look.

The fifth: the last fountain is a symbol of wealth, in Singapore’s most prosperous business district, and it is said that the location here has been carefully selected by the master, her style can not be said to be strange, but it is said that there is a role of gathering wealth, so The people who come here to watch are also in a constant stream.

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