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Several aspects that need to be paid attention to in the construction of musical fountain

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There are several aspects that need to be paid attention to in the design and construction of fountains:

musical fountains
1. Musical fountains are mainly used in large squares, theme parks, artificial lakes, playgrounds, schools and other performance venues. When choosing, the adaptability to the local environment should be considered. The square should be conducive to beauty, the park should be conducive to interaction, artificial The lake should be good for greening, the playground should be good for entertainment, and so on.

2. The uniqueness of musical fountains lies in the demand for music. The lighting in different scenes reflects different emotional needs. At this time, it is necessary to correctly match the music.

3. When making a fountain water feature, the water quality of the link should be used as an important planning basis. Even if this may affect the cost of the musical fountain, we must do so. Because once the water feature is polluted, the best fountain effect will be greatly reduced.

4. When designing the fountain, it is necessary to consider the underwater power, the muteness of the lighting power supply, the anti-skid and anti-fall of the pavement surface, and the speed of the jet flow, etc. These points need to be considered in place, except for the cost of the music fountain In addition to this factor, these factors have a certain influence on the effect of the musical fountain.

5. When designing, as an experienced designer, we also need to adapt to the planning of waterscapes, because water is inseparable from the container, the opportunities of waterscapes are not eloquent, and its formation must be conditional and inseparable. open its existence.

When fountain design, designers also need to ensure that the design of water features meets ecological requirements. Every water feature must be planned with an ecological mentality, such as the use of water, rainwater and cooling water, and the use of fountains to set up oxygenation equipment, etc. .


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