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Soft Lighting Design Method of Fountain Design Company

Publish Time:2019/10/08 News 标签:fountainNumber of views:924

In the design space of the fountain of the garden ecology, we have enlarged the specifications which are more vivid and vivid in the design of different specifications, and integrated the design concept of making the specifications and art more beautiful in a variety of environmental protection and lighting collocation. At the same time, we have increased the water wave space to build a kind of self cultivation in the ecological city. Get up and have a look!


1, the design of color matching and conditioning: it has increased the design specifications of different styles of art and culture, which can enhance the more flexible use of modeling techniques in a variety of performance activities. Therefore, in the innovative design space of art, the fountain scene of static electricity in cultural integration can be created.

2 creative specification design: the foundry design company has created a design method that highlights the image in technical engineering in a variety of subtle ways. It has increased the space for self-cultivation in the design concept of environmental protection, and has promoted the design of aesthetic feeling in the lighting color spray.


3. Drifting design techniques: In the beautiful landscape design techniques, more through the control of a variety of process flow to design a variety of fountains, perfect creation of a variety of fountain business advertising more powerful effect.


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