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Features of fountain installation companies and types of installation

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Fountain is a very long history of decorative facilities, it originally appeared in the noble royal family homes, is a symbol of the status of the owner of the wealth of the house. Today, with the development of technology, the variety of fountains continue to increase. At the same time, the fountain installation company technology is also developing. Do you know what the trend of the fountain installation company market in recent years? The following on the “fountain installation company characteristics of the type of description and its market development direction” is introduced.

 Fountain installation company

Fountain installation company characteristics and installation type]

Thin light fountain, also known as light fountain, when the glass fountain shoots light, the water column is arched, the overall smooth, splashing, not along the trajectory of the jet, arc-shaped glass pool of water gradually disappear, hanging in the sky floating rainbow. Large glass fountain span up to 8 ~ 10 meters, can be set according to the need for small and medium-sized glass fountain span. It is often used as a combination of fountain landscape construction, swimming pool water features, etc..

The glass light can be either straight, or a flowing fountain stream exists, coherent before and after, just like a crystal column, or it can be cut into truncated pieces by precisely controlling the electronic shutter, as if the living water part, with a certain interval, C. One is continuous, intermittent, the chain forms an arc, the water column is high and small, bright, smooth and flawless, as pure as jade, bright, as beautiful as a rainbow. Built-in low-voltage intensity light source, the body of water is bright, the light has water waves, like fiber optics, colorful.

This type of glass fountain is called Bolivia spring. Light spring can be adjusted according to the design ideas, under the control of the genie any jump, continuous, perfect. The number of dancing fountain installation company may increase or decrease according to the actual needs of the environment, can be shaped at once, from pool to another pool of water, but also more random control group, more can become a beautiful, harmonious air water animation, intoxicating. It can also be installed on the sidewalk, people walk through the water gate, clothes do not get wet. Wonderful.

[Analysis of the development of fountain installation companies]

Fountain configuration involved in the configuration of most of the black and white standard configuration, even if the same kind of project, the same kind of installation equipment fog Sen set, the same process, process, the manufacturing and installation of the elements and careful site environment will vary, on-site manufacturing and installation is often difficult to ensure quality, to production, installation brings a certain degree of uncertainty risk.

On the other hand, as the installation project, configuration manufacturing and installation of engineering products although there is a spatial span, but the manufacturing and installation process of the bit is relatively fixed, a variety of machine configuration, materials, construction staff must be around the hope of engineering configuration and always follow up, and engineering installation once completed, in a relatively fixed shape, independent function is not strong, the layout is simply stable, not much expansion, which deals with the need for customers to customize and pre-positioning changes can not meet.

With the rapid progress of skills, fountain products engineering more and more huge, companies must cope with the ever-changing environment of increasingly huge engineering skills, with the growth of customer demand for fountain product customization level, but also lead to fountain product customization tendency more and more significant, so companies must establish a huge number of product lines to meet the needs of customers constantly changing fog sen. Europe and the United States, such as Germany, the United States. As early as the eighties, fountain modular planning has been widely used in the fountain industry, such as the earlier world famous Las Vegas fountain, there is still the current Dubai fountain.

The above on the “fountain installation company characteristics and installation type” and “fountain installation company development analysis” of the introduction, I hope to let you understand the “fountain installation company characteristics of the type of description and its market development direction to introduce” to help.


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