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How much does a fountain company make a music fountains

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In recent years, more and more musical fountains have appeared in scenic spots, parks, squares and other places, and are also widely welcomed by people. The economic benefits brought by music fountains cannot be underestimated. Many places spend millions or even tens of millions of yuan to build music fountains to attract more people to watch and drive the local economy.

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Talking about the cost of fountains, when consulting the fountain business, many customers directly came up and asked “how much is the music fountain”, “how much is the fountain cost”, and some people sent the fountain effect map to ask “how much is this fountain price?” “Wait a series of questions about the cost of the fountain, we certainly hope to answer you in the first place.

Regarding the price of fountains, I can only tell customers that there are many factors that affect the price of fountains, such as the function of the fountain, the design requirements of the customer for the pattern of the fountain, the material of the supporting equipment of the fountain, the size of the fountain, the scale of the fountain, the control method of the fountain (512 control), Installed power, planned investment quota, etc., determine these factors in order to give you an accurate quotation. Take the example of floating music fountains that are common in rivers/lakes in parks, squares, scenic spots and so on. It is generally divided into performances, landscaping, investment promotion and other uses according to functions. The design style is generally divided into simple, flexible, majestic, dazzling and so on. Of course, we will also design the fountain according to the specific needs of customers.

When it comes to fountain design, there is an old saying: Design is the soul of the fountain. The designer sculpted the musical fountain as an architectural artwork, and integrated the cultural connotation to be given into water, lighting and music. The water and light show the soul of the design with beautiful melody and harmonious dance. The light “lived” and showed its artistic life vividly. It is with artistic life that the musical fountain is more colorful and attracts more and more people’s attention.

As a work of art, the design of musical fountains tests designers’ ability to understand and create art, which is why fountain companies charge customers a certain percentage of design fees based on the cost of the fountain. A good fountain design plays a decisive role in the overall effect of the fountain. The perfect design team ensures that the music fountain presents the best audio-visual effects.

Finally, I really need to tell you that the cost of fountains will fluctuate according to factors such as fountain design, fountain scale, control method, installed power, other design requirements and special effects. Here I only mention the dominant factors of fountain cost.


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