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How to keep a beautiful fountain waterscape

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In some residential projects, fountain water features are used as a more value-added and promotional activity, and its design and construction does not consider long-term, so it has buried many hidden dangers. Aesthetic design replaces one of the reasons for the failure, here to talk about how to retain the beautiful fountain waterscape.

First, as the idea of ​​water function, we should keep water as the main design basis. Very simple, once the function of polluting water, the value of the landscape will be lost immediately. Special equipment must be considered in design to maintain water quality and drainage.

Second, the safety word of the water system design is inseparable. For example, water, electricity, supply of safety lighting, anti-skid surface, aircraft speed, noise, etc., need to be seriously considered.

Third, there must be a thought-based hosting service. The key is to host its water features, the only place of custody in order to ultimately reflect the impact of water characteristics.

Fourth, the local conditions waterscape design. Water is inseparable from the container, so the waterscape design is not isolated, and its formation is inseparable from the environment in which a specific condition exists.

5. Design water that meets ecological requirements. Ecological thinking to achieve each waterscape design, even for some of the larger project artificial components, easy to see the ecological effects, designers must also have this concept. Such as water, rainwater collection and use of cooling water, fountains using aerator sprays to generate negative ions, water life cycles or water flow structures, turbulence and other attractions, no beauty and environmental practices.

6. Landscape architecture, art and water science are unified. The fountain waterscape is the comprehensive engineering science of the door, especially the indispensable water, hydrology, water treatment and other scientific knowledge, from the water quality, nozzle design, complete waterfall, deep surface professional theory.

Seven, water saving awareness. Each project must have a fountain water saving measure, the designer should consider: whether the project requires so much water, how to solve the use of water, recycled water and so on.


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