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Artistic design of musical fountain

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Our ancestors introduced natural water scenery into the realm of life in ancient times and used wisdom to make various water scenery. You can find traces of such artificial water features no matter in the ancient courtyard buildings or in the art collections.

Music fountain design

The music fountain design is higher than the traditional static rockery art. It gives people a kind of artistic feeling of beauty, and it is a feeling of dynamic beauty; it has its appreciation value and its scientific significance. In the process of continuous spraying movement, the waterscape fountain emits fine water particles in the surrounding space, which can absorb dust, purify the air and regulate the microclimate, and can also generate a large amount of negative oxygen ions to make the air fresh and let people Breathe the fresh air like riverside, seashore, forest.

However, the design of foreign musical fountains is mainly based on sculpture. The exquisite and gorgeous sculptures and the pool scenery are also refreshing, while the fountain only serves as a foil. In China, due to different cultural traditions and appreciative habits, as well as economic costs, Western sculpture fountains are not easy to accept. Under such circumstances, the fountain designed in my country deliberately refines the fluid shape and forge ahead in the control pattern, so as to form a Chinese garden fountain that combines traditional shapes and modern computer control systems.


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