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What are the characteristics of water curtain film

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Water Curtain Film is through the high-pressure pump and special water curtain generator, the water from top to bottom at high speed, atomized to form a fan-shaped “screen”, by a special projector will be specially designed video tapes projected on the “screen” to form a Water Curtain Film.




Water Curtain Film


As a new type of advertising carrier, Water Curtain Film brings us a different visual experience with its modern and novel presentation. When the audience is watching the movie, the fan-shaped water screen blends with the natural night sky, and when the characters enter and exit the screen, it is as if the characters rise up in the air or descend from the sky, producing an ethereal and dreamy feeling that is mesmerizing.


Water curtain is generally more than 20 meters high, 30-60 meters wide, water curtain film shooting screen has a strong sense of three-dimensional and spatial sense, the characters seem to rise or fall from the sky, and the natural night sky into one, producing a feeling of emptiness and fantasy, and then with laser patterns, the scene is more magnificent, majestic.


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