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The role of water curtain fountain and classification

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 Water curtain fountain is a more common artificially carried out landscape, because his size, height, shape are similar to a wall, so we call the water curtain fountain, this number of current enterprises are generally very common in the park development and interior design words are generally through the more high-end places used in the Chinese home environment decoration above is very little, water curtain fountain will bring a waterfall flying down a slightly A little spectacular feeling, like there is no country small waterfall. Landscape fountain design by artificially constructed plastic or natural springs in the pool, in order to spray beautiful water posture, for people to enjoy the water features. Fountains are an important part of the garden. Modern gardens, in addition to plant landscapes, fountains are also important landscape, it is both a water art, reflecting the combination of movement, static, the formation of a bright and lively atmosphere, giving people the enjoyment of beauty; at the same time, fountains can also increase the content of negative ions in the air, play a role in purifying the air, increasing air humidity, lowering the ambient temperature, etc., and therefore loved by people. Fountain company has many types, according to the different forms of structure, can be divided into direct injection, rotation, water film, suction, atomization and other types; according to the spray water flow can be divided into dandelion, trumpet flower, petunia, mushrooms, ice tower, open screen and spray nozzle and other types. Fountain design company to complete the fountain art modeling of the main working parts, its role is to have a certain pressure of water, after the shape of the nozzle, the formation of brilliant water, sprayed over the surface of the water. A variety of different nozzle combination configuration, and more to create a variety of water features landscape, exciting, exciting, and produce wonderful artistic effects.
Water curtain fountain
Understand the water curtain fountain design first of all to understand who is currently the basic, water curtain fountain suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, it is based on the principle of natural decomposition of water molecules in the air, ground design in office buildings, hotels or sales halls, parks and other places… Water curtain fountain according to the principle of the physical moon to slow down the speed of the water, to overcome the effect of water noise, to give people to enjoy the feeling of waterfalls flying straight down, so that the effect of water flow into a kind of appreciation of art, to give people a pleasant coastal atmosphere… Of course, feng shui fountain at home is also used to improve the feng shui at home …

Advantages water curtain fountain beautify the living room, water curtain fountain and garden can only be a good match, more importantly, it can be used as a living room decoration, giving a return to the idyllic mood of nature, so that people are relaxed.

2. Increase the humidity of the ambient air, moisten the skin and lungs, reduce the problem of respiratory management system brought about by the air for dry technology.

According to the water curtain pattern design fountain is divided into three, and there are three types of fountain water curtain design as follows.

Outdoor water curtain fountain practice: the most common water curtain fountain most common is the kind of park fountain water curtain, water curtain fountain think this will give a waterfall, but also a little spectacular. Of course, this can also be used in the room who currently see how to design.

Indoor water curtain wall design fountain main practice one: only one side was used to carry out the glass, plus students a small pump. Then use the system a pipe to pump water to the upper end of the glass (the upper end of the glass used a similar study aluminum bar as a small platform for water to flow down), the water flows down the Chinese glass. This can be more cost-effective.

Indoor water curtain fountain group exercise 2: indoor water curtain fountain design if you need to pay attention to the water can not stay to splash everywhere, so some indoor water curtain fountain will choose two sides of the glass, the middle of a fishing line, plus a small pump and some pipes. This does not feel spectacular but also very nice, but the cost is slightly higher …

Of course, the Foundation also in the above three cases, the right water curtain fountain, you can use their own imagination, good design, water curtain fountain design roughly in line with the appearance, light weight, in many water curtain fountain of three different forms a day to see their own advantages until the evening, when its flow by the water lighting influence have color looks very beautiful.

Landscape for design, the province of water features fountain system engineering technology field famous management enterprise, focus on the design and construction of fountain water features. We can make the fountain variation colorful, superior quality, after-sales information service system is perfect. We have a professional fountain design a team and construction personnel team, can undertake different size fountain water features projects around the province and outside.


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