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Music fountain equipment principle

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  Music fountain equipment principle: change the frequency to change the motor speed and pump pressure. Different frequencies of music are processed by a single-chip computer and sent to the frequency motor control terminal, so that the motor speed changes with the tone, rhythm and strength of the music. The pressure of the pump changes accordingly, and the water sprayed also has a horizontal change, and several sets of equipment control multiple sets of nozzles. The formation of the fountain is a pump.

  Music fountain equipment



The rhythm and intensity of the music is converted into a control signal. This signal controls the voltage control device. After the power supply through this voltage control device, the output voltage also changes with the music, which in turn controls the pump motor.

  Music fountain equipment control system. The software uses the physical waveform of the music file and divides it into segments with a precision of a dozen milliseconds, automatically recognizing the shock, miss, lyricism, joy, excitement, sadness, joy, and heat of the music and converting it into a control signal, which, after synchronized processing, is output to a specific peripheral control unit through a signal output card, i.e., according to the rules of water configuration, controlling submersible pumps, solenoid valves, underwater lights, and inverters actuators, combining visual experience with hearing and feeling. When people experience various sounds, they unconsciously associate these auditory sensations with the sensations of other non-auditory organs.

This phenomenon is called resonance and is a heterogeneous, heteromorphic and polymorphic correspondence. In general, notes in the higher register tend to be associated with bright visual perceptions, positive or pleasant emotional feelings, etc., while notes in the lower register tend to be associated with dim visual perceptions, depressive or sad emotional feelings, etc. Soothing rhythms tend to make people feel open space or emotional calm, while fast rhythms tend to make people feel narrow space, emotional excitement, etc. The arrangement of the fountain repertoire is configured according to the associative phenomena of various water types. It is like choreographing a dance. In order to make the performance successful, Music fountain director needs to consider what body movements dancers use to express the emotional charm of the music.




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