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Waterscape fountain project trivia to share

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Speaking of water fountain project ah, many people know that some parks have such fountains, in order to better highlight the advantages of fountains, our experts have shared with you about the fountain water features project control, I hope you can read carefully, if you have different views, welcome to call for feedback, we all look at the article below, I hope you can read carefully. Look forward to reading. Fountain company is committed to the design of musical fountain – construction of water features enterprises, the company focuses on musical fountain – square fountain – water screen film – water fountain – artificial fog and other technology development and promotion. Fountain company professional fountain design and construction manufacturing enterprises: fountain design, manufacturing, installation, post-maintenance as one of the professional fountain company. Mainly undertake: music fountain – program-controlled fountain – dry fountain – community and square fountain and other types of fountain project.

Waterscape fountain

A, water fountain project control mode

1, hand valve control. This is a fountain waterscape project is more common and relatively simple control method, the fountain water supply pipe installed on the hand-controlled control valve, used to regulate the pressure and flow of water in each section of the pipe, the formation of a fixed water jet water capital.

2, sound control. Musical fountain is a sound-controlled fountain, sound-controlled fountain is the use of body sound to control the fountain water spray water shape changes in a self-control fountain. The principle of sound-controlled fountain is the sound signal into an electrical signal, amplified and other processing, to promote the relay or its electronic switch, and then go to control the solenoid valve located in the waterway to open and close, so as to control the flow of water nozzle on and off. In this way, with the change of sound, people can see the change of the size, height and shape of the water spray. It can combine people’s sense of hearing and vision, is the fountain spray water with the beautiful changes in the melody of music and dance.

If the fountain water features engineering design is not good, certainly not do a good fountain effect

3, relay control. Usually use time relays in accordance with the design time program to control the pump, solenoid valve, color lights, etc. open and close, so as to achieve the water spray water posture can be automatically changed. Fountain waterscape engineering and then build out the effect of good or bad, determined by the entire process of design and construction, if the fountain waterscape engineering design is not good, certainly do not make a good fountain effect, but only the design, and construction and equipment can not, is also unable to shape a good waterscape fountain effect to.

Second, the role of water fountain project

City squares or scenic areas are mainly crowded places, so these places need to have enough features to attract people’s attention, squares or scenic areas if too monotonous will not attract people to go, you can use fountain water features to embellish the square or scenic areas, so that the fountain water features can add dynamic visual effects for the scenic area, can effectively set off the surrounding buildings, in the static The beauty of the landscape to add dynamic elements, to achieve a combination of static and dynamic, pleasant effect, to avoid the monotony of a view to enjoy the scenery, making more dynamic and dynamic beauty.

The above content is mainly to tell you about the water fountain project control, I hope this section can help you solve some problems, if you have other questions need to understand, then you can contact our customer service online, our customer service will promptly provide you with help, look forward to reading.


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