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Fountain design makes your musical fountain different

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Fountain facilities are the more common entertainment facilities that people see in their daily lives. A good musical fountain water show can bring people a pleasant physical and mental enjoyment, can become a city’s unique architecture, such as Xi’an Yanta District, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda musical fountain is a beautiful scenery of the ancient city of Xi’an. Then the music fountain water show in the end how to design to be novel and chic, to impress people?


Fountain design


First need to do a good job of pre-planning, the fountain construction site for the relevant investigation. Good fountain design should not only pay attention to its external appearance, should highlight its humanistic value, and all this requires the spiritual and cultural connotations of the city into the fountain design, highlighting the unique regional culture of a region. So in the fountain design, must consult the rich human geography to ensure that there is a rich understanding of this, only then can the human material reflected in the fountain design.

Secondly, highlighting the theme of the fountain is also important. A good fountain water show should not be uniform, but should show a different theme style, so that the entire fountain industry is colorful. Such as the emergence of musical fountain water show for the fountain industry to add a splash of color. In the pedestrian street where the flow of people, fountain design can be increased by increasing the height of the water type, lighting brightness, color lining to increase its business theme. And in the leisure-oriented community, the fountain set up for the commercial area does not have high requirements, mainly to highlight the theme of leisure and entertainment. Fountain design does not need to be luxurious and bright, niche and fresh can be, so that people’s body and mind to relax and enjoy.

In addition to this combined with modern technology, giving fountains a new life is also a way. Thanks to the means of technology, fountain facilities have become less monotonous, through the use of LED lighting effects and the continuous strengthening of technical means, fountain design has gradually appeared the effect of dance, increasingly magnificent atmosphere, quite a sense of fashion, fountain water spray settings and lighting technology complement each other, so that the whole picture is richly expressive shock.

Implemented in a safe and rigorous workmanship design for the development of the fountain industry is the fountain design home. Although fountain design varies, but it all comes down to the practice of production, down to the ground. Only by an a multitude of mind to be able to show, otherwise it is just a pavilion in the air.

A good musical fountain water show does not appear overnight, it needs to take into account a variety of factors. Therefore, the need for designers to think carefully, only then, it can withstand the test of time, the beauty will be fixed in time!


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