Do you understand the key points of fountain design?
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Do you understand the key points of fountain design?

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As an ornamental scenic spot, fountains are now more and more popular in front of the public. People can not only see the magnificent fountain scene in the bustling commercial pedestrian street, but also feel the beautiful scenery of the small jasper fountain in the residential area. Some fountains are only for people to appreciate and give people visual enjoyment, while some fountains can make people impressive and experience the beauty of their connotation under the external structure of the fountains, such as the famous Xi’an Dayan Pagoda fountains, which are highly praised for its unique culture.



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So, how can we design the fountain facilities that satisfy the public? First of all, designers must have a certain degree of professionalism. The basis of a good fountain is to have a high-quality fountain model and to ensure its safety. If the fountain has a gorgeous appearance, but there is a great security risk, it is a big loss. After all, only under the guarantee of safety and high quality can people further talk about other ideas and structures of fountain facilities.

Secondly, designers should also pay attention to the internal culture of fountains. At all times and in all over the world, the fountain facilities that can resonate with people are not only gorgeous in appearance, but also a structure that fully combines external beauty with internal beauty. Compared with the embodiment of external beauty through the designer’s professional technology, the embodiment of internal beauty requires designers to fully define their own design purpose. If the designer mainly wants to design a fountain reflecting the unique culture of a city, then he needs to fully understand the unique culture of the city, and then on the basis of understanding, he will reflect it as a creative idea in his design philosophy.

In addition, the fountain design can also be skillfully integrated with the dance beauty technology, combining various sprayers and different lights at will. A good dance design can have a perfect effect on the final shape of the whole fountain. This feature is especially obvious in the music fountain. With the ups and downs of music, the beautiful light beam will gradually change, and the fountain will also change its shape. What a visual feast it will be.

There are many classic cases of fountain design in China. Designers can refer to these cases to enrich their minds and create. In fact, looking at these good fountain attractions, it is not difficult to find that good design level and technical and technological level are the concrete embodiment of the beauty of the fountain, and the design concept is the soul throughout the beauty of the whole fountain. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the training of professional skills, it is necessary for designers to accumulate certain humanistic self-cultivation. Only when you combine the two together, the fountain you designed is a unique work of art.