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How to design beautiful programmable fountains?

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What is a programmable fountain, do you understand? For the first time, the editor did not understand. But asked the people around me, I finally know the definition of a programmable fountain. We are all familiar with fountain. Today, I teach you how to design a program-controlled fountain and how to design a good-looking fountain. The programmable fountain is a fountain that changes the water shape and color intensity according to the program. The process can be modified at any time and can also store a wide variety of projects. Advantages of programmable fountains: located in the fountain, the price is moderate, and the application changes widely. Pre-grouping, water type change, lighting, PLC programming, program running into a signal control pump, numerical control valves, lighting equipment, colorful lighting effect. Its characteristic is that the application program is fixed and controls to design the fountain waterscape project more appropriate? Looking at it with me, hoping to help everyone.Fountain waterscape engineering equipment: beautifying the environment, waterscape engineering itself can form the main body of a scenic spot, as the center of the landscape. Other landscape waterscape projects can also be decorated and set off.

The static scene and the water scene activity, can realize the static and the dynamic combination, making it more vivid and the colorful;  with the still water, the scene can be quieter and smoother, complementing each other and avoiding dull and monotonous. Multiple points of available water contact through the formation of an organic scenic spot, thus playing a role in inducing tourists usually in special trips there. Water can still be separated, and the scenic spots form multiple echoes and attractions that are independent and interrelated, with the effect of enhancing ornamental value and benefits. It can improve living environment: Waterscape works can have similar sea, forest, grassland and lake, purify the air, make the air clean fresh, moist scenic spot, let visitors feel better, and eliminate dysphoria. This is due to the fact that the humidity of the air can be increased in the vicinity of water works, especially in hot and arid areas. Waterscape engineering can increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air nearby, reduce bacteria, and improve air sanitation facilities.

Waterscape works can greatly reduce the dust content in the air, making the air fresh and clean. The music program-controlled fountain show is based on the process control and adds the music fountain equipment control system. The computer decodes and encodes the audio and MIDI identification signals, and finally outputs the signal control system to make the fountain’s modeling equipment and the lighting and music changes, so as to achieve the perfect combination of fountain equipment type, light and color changes and music emotion. And the performance of the program-controlled fountain is more vivid and richer. Music can change according to the ups and downs of music. Users can edit the interface of their favorite music programs. The broadcasting system can realize the unity of atmosphere, water and light of music and broadcast synchronously. The wonderful music program-controlled fountain equipment is such a form that allows us to enjoy the beauty. Music Programming Fountain generally packs live music fountains, fountain trees, ice, water fountains, waterfalls and matching water, so it can also be said that it is in the form of water scenery, but mainly focuses on dynamic water scenery.

Dynamic point-like water scenery layout should be combined with environmental development. First, whether to decorate the fountain in the garden is the question we should consider. The second is the size of the fountain, and what kind of fountain arrangement.Various fountains, how to combine matching surface to form. The classic fountain is one of the most decorated in the front of the main building, or the center of the square, forming the first visual center, and the scale should also be compatible with the scale of the main building or square. The form of the garden is also mainly axisymmetric or symmetrical. Most forms are a large swimming pool, shaped like a sheet or elliptical shape close to the park. Using the surrounding water to inject the water tongue and splash, gives people a fresh,  grand, and magnificent feeling. However, its injection form is usually fixed spray height and form does not change with time. The least should be light, and a few with white light. The role of light is mainly the shape of the tongue, which can show the water of the fountain at night.


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