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How to choose the nozzle of the square fountain

Publish Time:2020/09/08 News Number of views:579

When the square fountain company is designing the fountain, it not only needs to think about the shape, but also needs to consider a condition of use of the nozzle. The editor below will introduce how to choose the nozzle of the square fountain.

Square fountain

Sometimes when designing a fountain, don’t you want the nozzles to make a lot of noise when spraying water? This will have a certain impact on the overall surface of our square fountain, so we can use inflatable nozzles. In this case It can achieve a quiet effect, and it is also very good in shape.

When the square fountain is in use, the nozzles are sometimes affected by some external influences. If it is a semicircular nozzle, the water film formed by it will generally be relatively thin, so if there is a strong wind, there is no way to shape it. If you are using an ice tree sprinkler, it will not be affected by strong winds.

Water quality has a great influence on some sprinklers. If the water quality is not particularly good, it is likely to be blocked, but if the sprinklers used are springs, then there will be no effect.

Of course, there are many more. We need to make choices based on actual use, so we must not underestimate the sprinklers. This has a great impact on the effect of our final square fountain. We must follow the actual situation. Make a selection.


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