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Fountain installation company how to control the fountain

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Fountain form and shape of the formation of the key lies in the nozzle, from the composition of the nozzle to classify words, mainly divided into a single jet nozzle, spray nozzle, gyratory transition nozzle, ring nozzle and fan nozzle, which are more conventional nozzle is also more widely used nozzle, such as multi-hole nozzle, deformation nozzle, suction nozzle, etc.. The principle of the nozzle is simple, different sizes of nozzles need to produce different amounts of water, designed to use the size of the pressure difference to form the water flow, and due to the different shapes of the nozzle, the resulting water splash will be different.


Fountain installation company

Fountain installation company in the fountain control, now more commonly used in three control methods.


First, the hand valve control. This control method is operated by a person, the use of hand-controlled water valve to regulate the pressure in the water pipe, thus forming a different strength of the water flow. This form of control is more traditional, and the manpower required is more cumbersome, requiring manual control by staff, so the application of this form is beginning to shrink.


The second type of control is relay control. The standard of this control is mainly time, through the human-set relay can be set to the water flow, and even the lights are also manipulated together to achieve a custom mode, freeing people’s hands.


The third is the sound control. This fountain control is mainly the use of sound control to operate, the required equipment from the sound and electricity converter to power equipment are more stringent, so the investment cost will be relatively large. But in the process of operation, this form of control can play more space and room will be more suitable for some large musical fountain performance.


In the long run, in the fountain construction process, businessmen choose which form of control should take into account their own actual situation. In addition, in the construction of the fountain installation company, the drainage facilities of the pool is also a vital part of the fountain for small nozzle composition, water quality requirements are relatively high, so you also need to add some filtration system, and in the process of choosing drainage materials, you also need to consider the construction of the pool material, with waterproof materials to extend the life of the pool and reduce the erosion of water.



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