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Key design points of fountain waterscape

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With the development of the times and the improvement of the level of science and technology, the fountain equipment in the city has been very advanced, and various kinds of music fountains, program-controlled fountains and laser fountains have emerged in an endless stream. Fountains and waterscape can meet people’s needs in visual arts. With the increase of places where fountains and waterscape are used, many people are curious about how fountains and waterscape companies are designed?



Generally speaking, the fountain water landscape can be divided into two categories: one is to use the terrain or civil structure to imitate the natural water landscape. For example, streams, waterfalls, artificial lakes, fish ponds, springs, falls, etc., which are widely used in traditional Chinese gardens. The second is to rely on the fountain equipment to create the scenery. All kinds of fountains, such as music fountains, program-controlled fountains, dry land fountains, atomizing fountains, etc. This kind of waterscape is widely used in the field of architecture in recent years, but its development speed is very fast.

All kinds of waterscape projects are generally composed of the following aspects: Civil pool, pipeline valve system, power pump system, lighting system, etc. For larger water bodies or places with higher requirements for water quality appearance, there must also be a water quality treatment system.

A good fountain water feature design must be based on excellent artistic effect design. Let’s talk about the key points of design:

Model design and nozzle selection:

The choice of nozzle is very important in fountain design. Various types of sprinklers are widely used in Waterscape to generate different water forms. At present, there are great differences in the quality of the domestic produced nozzles. Compared with foreign similar products, the biggest problem is not only the appearance, but also the design quality. The biggest requirement of water landscape engineering is beautiful water shape and smooth and stable jet. But the jet flow of some domestic products is either strong divergence or hair shaving; even if the same batch of products, its water shape quality is extremely unstable. In addition to the reason of insufficient machining accuracy of small-scale production, the fundamental problem is that there is no perfect design theory and design basis in the design of water landscape special nozzle. Therefore, we suggest that the national professional society organize relevant experts to work out feasible design specifications and standards as soon as possible, so as to further standardize the development of water feature fountain industry in China.

In practical use, attention should be paid to the characteristics of various nozzles. Generally, the water film sprinkler has poor wind resistance, so it is not suitable to be used in outdoor windy occasions; cedar or spring is sensitive to the change of water level, so it is necessary to pay attention to not only the change of water level, but also the corresponding measures to restrain the wave in the pool body design, such as setting long overflow weir or underwater wave retaining wall. However, it is also conducive to the hydraulic phenomenon of wave resonance to build a pulsating fountain. The regular wave surge makes the water jet jump and change in height regularly. At present, there are many high-tech fountain equipment, which can also be used in water landscape.


The jet of the bright spring and the jumping spring is very smooth and stable, and its appearance is like a glass rod, which can accurately fall into the water receiving hole; the jumping spring can generate a water jet of variable length under the control of a computer; the jumping spring can eject smooth water balls of controllable size. They are very interesting and unforgettable. All kinds of high-tech sprinklers used in large-scale music fountains and all kinds of high-tech sprinklers and underwater motion machinery and control components used in underwater music fountains are also various and can be widely selected.


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