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Which fountain company is better?

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Fountains can purify the air, beautify the environment for leisure and entertainment, and promote people’s physical and mental health. At present, the fountain industry is developing rapidly, while people are constantly putting forward higher requirements for fountain design. So when we get a fountain project, how to choose a good fountain company?




1. Choose a fountain company with an independent fountain design team:

A formal and professional fountain company must have an independent fountain design team. Design is the soul of the fountain. The style and effect of the fountain are controlled by the fountain design team. Good fountain design will take into account the surrounding environment, local cultural and geographical characteristics and other factors and integrate them into the fountain, highlighting the fountain design concept, combined with fountain creative layout and planning, so that the fountain has more artistic appreciation value.

2. Fountain companies with independent fountain construction teams at the same time:

In addition to professional fountain design team, there is also an independent fountain construction team. Many small fountain companies do not support construction teams in order to save labor costs. After receiving the fountain project, outsource the project to the construction team. It is extremely irresponsible for the customers to do so, that is, the expected performance effect of the fountain can not be guaranteed and the quality of the fountain project can not be guaranteed. Moreover, after the acceptance, if there are any problems in the follow-up fountains, there will be blame shifting, not to identify the responsible person, let alone investigate the responsible person.

3. Choose a fountain project company with after-sales service team:

Professional and powerful fountain companies will have a perfect after-sales service team. During the quality guarantee period, no matter whether the fountain is running normally or not, it will regularly check and maintain the customer’s fountain to ensure the fountain’s continuous normal operation and prolong the fountain’s service life. If there are any fountain problems after the expiration of the warranty period, the fountain company can cooperate with customers to solve them in time.

At present, there are few Fountain Companies with real after-sales team on the market. After the fountain problems occur, they can not solve the problems for customers in time. Maintaining a fountain is like maintaining a car. It must be maintained regularly. In this respect, it is particularly important to choose a fountain company with after-sales team.

Sichuan Neijiang Art Fountain Factory has been established for more than 20 years. Its main business has been focusing on music fountains. In addition, it has rich experience and many successful cases in laser water curtain film, Shuixiu theatre, city lighting, landscape environment design. It provides fountain landscape solutions in the whole process of design, construction and maintenance. It’s a good choice.


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