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Sichuan Fountain Company introduces the typical thematic Waterscape in the world

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Whatever it is, there will always be a theme that belongs to it. Whether it is mobile phones, hotels, clothes, etc., there will be a theme. Fountain are no exception. The so-called theme waterscape is a customized fountain, which highlights the local history, culture, customs, religious beliefs, commercial characteristics or conveys the unique design ideas and ideas of designers. It can form landmark landscape either alone or in conjunction with sculptures, structures or buildings. No matter what kind of collocation, they all have one thing in common, that is, they will resonate with you through their delicacy, singularity or gracefulness, which is the charm of the theme waterscape. Below, Sichuan Fountain Company will introduce some typical thematic waterscape cases around the world.

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Washington, USA – Water Curtain Fountain in the National Museum of African History and Culture. This beautiful indoor water curtain fountain is located in the African American History and Culture Museum of the National Museum of the United States, where people can rest while listening to the orderly sound of water brings peace.

Lima, Peru — “Tunnel Surprise” Fountain. The circular arches formed by wave and light power are arranged to form space-time tunnels, which give people a sense of interaction through lighting.
Oregon, USA – Keller Fountain in Portland. Keller Fountain Park is a park hidden under the hustle and bustle of the city of Portland. It is named for the fountain designed by designer Angela Danadjieva. The whole fountain flows up to 13,000 gallons per minute, and the volume and drop are so great that the fountain produces a powerful sound.

Jeddah – King Fahd Fountain, Saudi Arabia. Built in the sea, the water spewed up to 312 meters.
Montreal, Canada – La Joute Fountain. The bronze fountain in the Place d’Arms Square in Montreal is surrounded by a circle of fire. The combination of water and fire symbolizes the meaning of its English name, duel.

Valencia, Spain – Water Boat Fountain. Located on the beach of Malvalosa in Valencia, the fountain is called the Water Boat Fountain (Fuente del Barco de Agua in Spanish). The fountain’s shape is the skeleton of a sailboat, and the water from the fountain ingeniously forms the hull and sail. In Portugal and Israel, there are also some fountains in the shape of boats.

Osaka, Japan – Suspended Fountain. The Suspension Fountain was created by Japanese-American artist and landscape architect Yoshio Noguchi for the 1970 World Expo in Osaka, Japan. These exquisite fountains look as if they are floating in the air. The design is the same as the magic faucet in Spain.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Divers Fountain. The 24-metre-high exquisite fountain is situated in Dubai shopping mall in the United Arab Emirates. The fountain is decorated with glass fibre sculptures of divers, running through the four floors of the shopping mall. The fountain was designed by a team of Singapore architects, DPA, and put into use in 2009.

Ohio, USA – 71 Fountain. Located on Highway 71 in Ohio, USA, this giant circular fountain with a peculiar shape is named Fountain 71.
America, South Carolina, Charleston – Pineapple Fountain. Pineapple is a very common pattern in Charleston area. It represents the hospitality of Charles people. Pineapple fountain has been popular with tourists since it was put into use in 1990. It is also a famous landscape in Charlesson Waterfront Park.



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