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Control Mode of Waterscape Fountain

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The fountain head is the basic element of the fountain water type. In addition to the water type, the water quantity, time and pattern of the fountain have a direct impact on the whole fountain effect. Therefore, in the Waterscape fountain project, besides the choice of the fountain head, we also need to choose a good fountain control mode. We often see beautiful music. Fountains also need to be controlled by people or computers. What are the control methods of fountains in the water-view fountain project?

There are three main ways to control the spray quantity, spray time and spray pattern change.

(1) Hand valve control

This is the most common and simplest control method in water-view fountain engineering. Manual control valve is installed on the water supply pipe of the fountain to regulate the pressure and flow of water in each section and form a fixed water-spraying rate.

(2) Audio control

Music fountain is a kind of acoustic fountain. The acoustic fountain is a kind of automatic fountain that uses body sound to control the change of fountain water shape. The principle of sound-controlled fountain is to change sound signal into electric signal, which is amplified and processed to push relay or electronic switch, and then to control the opening and closing of solenoid valve in water, so as to control the flow of sprinkler. In this way, as the sound changes, people can see the size, height and shape of the spray. It can combine people’s hearing and vision. It is the spray from fountain that dances with the beautiful melody of music.

(3) Relay control

Usually time relay is used to control the opening and closing of water pump, solenoid valve, color lamp and so on according to the design time program, so as to realize the automatic change of water spray posture.

The final result of the construction depends on the whole process of design and construction. If the design of the water fountain project is not good, it will not be able to produce a good fountain effect, but only with design, construction and equipment is not good, it is also impossible to shape a good water fountain effect.


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