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Music fountain must pay attention to daily maintenance

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For the use of music fountains, we must pay attention to some usual maintenance and maintenance, because this type of public, especially in open-air equipment, is relatively easy to age. If you do not pay attention to good maintenance, you may not be able to use it. How long will the problem occur, so these aspects should also be paid attention to. If you want to make the fountain have a better effect, you can use it longer, and you can’t neglect maintenance.

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Usually, the music fountain does not run all day, but only runs at a fixed time every day. Therefore, when it is not in operation, the staff must remember to perform certain cleaning treatments, such as those that fall into the fountain pool. Debris, garbage, etc. should be removed in a timely manner, so that they can prevent the debris from blocking the fountain, which can bring a better experience for everyone.

In addition, in terms of the daily maintenance of the music fountain, it is important to pay attention to the operation of the electronic equipment on a regular basis, such as some maintenance on the sound of music playback, or inspection and maintenance of lighting equipment, etc. They are relatively easy to age and make mistakes. Only by checking frequently can you ensure the best use of it, bring the best help to people, and have a good effect.


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