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The Impact of Music Fountain on Urban Construction

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy, the material and cultural living standards of various cities and citizens in China have been greatly improved. Waterscape fountains, or more precisely, music fountains, as an important part of urban beautification environment, are more and more favored by urban builders. Here is a brief description of the impact of music fountains on urban construction.

1. Beautifying and Environmental Protection Function of Music Fountain
In various types of water fountains, the functions displayed by fountains are also the main functions of beautification and environmental protection. On the one hand, music fountains show the momentum and strength of builders, show the grade of residential areas and the scale of beautification of the environment, or the decorative ornament function of city squares or commercial centers, are playing a key role. On the other hand, waterscape fountains, especially large-scale music fountain performances, play an environmental and health function to the surrounding environment and people. Because the water mist produced in the process of water spraying can wet the surrounding air, reduce dust, reduce temperature, and water can be treated and recycled; while beautifying the environment, it also saves a lot of water resources. The impact of water droplets from water fountains produces a large number of negative oxygen ions, which is beneficial to human health.


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2. The Artistic Function of Music Fountain

Throughout the history of world fountains and the past and present life of music fountains, only those waterscape fountains with simple technology, classical artistic shape and full of vitality will be as evergreen as the development elements of fashion circles. In the performance of water scenery fountain, especially the artistic effect of music fountain, the climax is repeated, and the brilliant light shines into the sky. It is a gorgeous visual feast which combines sound, light, electricity, water and fire perfectly. Generally speaking, the artistic effect of Waterscape fountain needs the continuous elaboration of new delicate ideas and solid practical experience of landscape construction by Waterscape fountain design company, and the coordination with the landscape of surrounding urban buildings, striving for harmony and unity, reflecting the combination of light and color, reflecting the combination of function and art. Successful realization of these artistic design concepts can not be separated from several artistic effect design links, such as scheme conception, effect design, three-dimensional animation design and construction drawing design.

3. Commercial Value of Music Fountain

In addition to beautifying environmental protection and artistic effect, the performance water show of large musical fountains such as music fountains also has commercial value function. Waterscape fountain not only brings an amazing water show performance to the local people, but also gives visitors a feeling that they can’t get in, but still get in. At the same time, the performance achieves the shocking stage artistic effect as a whole, improves the perfect image of the city and further improves the attractiveness of tourist attractions. For example, Quanzhou Puxi Wanda Square Laser Music Fountain Project and Guangxi Quanzhou County People’s Square Music Fountain Project, both of which are major investment projects held in the city or various international and domestic exhibitions, while performing music fountain water show. This not only leaves a thriving scene for the people who come to invest in the city, but also brings a rich flow of people to the commercial areas around the music fountain, which has certain commercial investment value.


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