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Several Common Types of Waterscreen Films

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Water Screen Films

Fixed Water Screen Films:
Fixed water curtain movies refer to fixed position of water curtain, projection equipment, control room, broadband requirement of water surface above 50 m, length 60-150 m, installation depth of water curtain generator below 0.6 m, the best installation position of water curtain controller is to make its bottom plate tangent to water surface. A fixed audience seat can be built 30-60 meters away from the water curtain. Projection equipment, water curtain and audience are three points and one line, and the effect of viewing is good. The water curtain should be parallel to the local dominant wind direction to minimize the influence of wind direction on the optimal focal length of projection.


Movable water curtain movies are made of projection equipment, water curtain generator and other stereotyping equipment on different scales, transported by trucks as a whole, and installed in places where projection is needed. For example, mobile film projection team. According to the contract, it can be shown everywhere. To meet the audience’s viewing requirements.

Floating Box Water Curtain Film:
Floating box water curtain movies are suitable for large natural water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, artificial lakes and reservoirs. With the planning and design of the tourist area, the floating tank can be installed in the appropriate position of the water body, and the floating tank can rise and fall with the water level. In the northern region, in order to prevent winter freezing, water curtain generator can also be made into lifting type, which can fall below the surface freezing line in winter. The floating box equipped with water screen film equipment can also be towed to another water surface by barge to continue projection as needed.

Laser water curtain performance:
Laser water curtain performance, in addition to the composition of water curtain film, but also to increase the laser demonstration system, laser projectors and computer controllers and other equipment. Under the control of computer, the color laser beam passes through the color synthesizer, and the laser projector is projected onto the water curtain. It can display various images, geometric shapes, text data, clear pictures, varied and colorful. It can also be projected to various advertisements. It can also be designed and projected with computer software in advance or in real time, and with the water curtain electricity. The films are shown in turn.


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