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Design concept and advantages of program-controlled fountain

Publish Time:2020/04/21 NEWS Number of views:1305

The program-controlled fountain is a kind of fountain which changes the shape of water spray and the intensity of light color according to the pre edited program. Generally, the program can be modified at any time, and can also store a variety of programs, which can be called at will.



program-controlled fountain



The advantage of the program-controlled fountain design is that the fountain cost is moderate and the program changes a lot. The PLC program is used to program the change combination of water type and light in advance. During operation, the program is converted into signal control water pump, numerical control valve, light and other devices to produce colorful light effect. It is characterized by fixed program and precise control.

Multiple programs are executed randomly. Fast reaction and high sensitivity. Using the high performance industrial control computer as the user terminal, the operation interface and control program are installed in the industrial control computer, and the frequency converter is operated to control the corresponding load action. The system has high adaptability, high reliability, superior performance, and can withstand vibration, impact, dust and large temperature difference changes. By using the data modular structure, the maintenance of the system is simplified and the system is easy to upgrade.

The program-controlled fountain is to design the control program according to the preset arrangement and combination of various water types and lights, and send out the control signal through the computer operation program, so that the water types and lights have various changes.


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