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What is a laser music fountain

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The laser has high brightness, bright colors, and a long projection distance of the laser. Under the water droplets of the fountain, it displays a magical effect, which adds a magnificent momentum and dreamlike effect to the whole fountain. People enjoy the art of “Who is holding a color dance, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple.” Lasers have become a must for large musical fountains and play an important role in large musical fountain performances.

The world’s most famous waterscape company WET’s composing production team consists of directors, musicians, and dancers. It takes a few weeks or even months to complete a song. The Dubai Fountain was built in 2009 and can be called less than ten classic hits so far. It can be seen that the laser music fountain is difficult to match.


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The first step in composing a laser music fountain is to read the fountain. Regardless of the size of a fountain company, it is usually done by one person to complete the fountain’s matching work. The designer of the laser program should be familiar with his style. The fountain composer usually only considers the combination of water type, lighting and music in the process of matching the music, and almost does not consider the application of the laser in the performance of the performance. This is the current status of the laser fountain.

The first thing to do a good job in laser programming is to establish good communication with the laser music fountain composer. The basis of good communication is the common language, which is the understanding and understanding of the fountain composing. The more profound the laser program producer understands, the smoother the communication with the fountain composer. Different composers have different styles, sometimes the difference is still relatively large. Our company believes that the best way to solve this problem is to seek common ground while reserving differences and to practice solid basic skills.

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1 The classic songs in Las Vegas and Dubai are recognized by the industry and should be carefully studied and experienced.

2 Familiar with common fountain water type, aerial attitude and holding time of air gun, numerical control and running spring

3 Familiar with various pools, such as modern style pools, integrated fountain pools, traditional style pools.

4 Familiar with common fountain music

Special reminder, although the laser equipment has been designed to protect the safety in accordance with the standards of the International Laser Association, the safety protection of the laser fountain is still important.


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