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Several Water Supply Forms of Fountain Equipment

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The water source of fountain equipment is mostly artificial water source, and natural water source can also be used where conditions permit. At present, the most common modes of water supply are direct current water supply, pump circulating water supply and submersible pump circulating water supply.

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1. Direct-current water supply

The characteristic of direct current water supply is that the water supply pipe directly connects with the nozzle in the sprinkler pool, and the water supply pipe is discharged through the overflow pipe after one injection. Its advantages are simple water supply system, small land occupation, low cost and simple management. The disadvantage is that the water supply can not be reused, the water consumption is large, the operation cost is high, and it does not meet the requirements of saving water. At the same time, because the water pressure of the water supply network is unstable, the shape of water is difficult to guarantee. DC water supply is often combined with rockery bonsai. It can be used as small fountains, orifices, fountains, water film, waterfalls, wall flows, etc. It is suitable for small courtyards, indoor halls and temporary places.

2. Pump circulating water supply pump circulating water supply form.

Pump circulating water supply features another pump room and circulating pipeline. Pump sucks water from the pool and sends it to the pool through pressurized water supply pipeline. Water is injected by sprinkler and then falls into the pool. Water is re-sucked by the suction pipe, so that water can be recycled. It has the advantages of small water consumption, low operating costs, and meets the requirements of water saving. It can adjust and control the change of water shape in the pump room, which is easy to operate and stable water pressure. The disadvantage is that the system is complex, occupies a large area, costs are high, and management is troublesome. Pump circulating water supply is suitable for various scale and form of waterscape engineering.

3. Submersible pump circulating water supply

The circulating water supply characteristic of submersible pump is that the submersible pump is installed in the pool and connected with the water supply pipeline. The water falls into the ground after being sprayed by the nozzle and is directly recycled by the suction pump. Its advantages are flexible layout, simple system, small occupation of land, low cost, easy management, small water consumption, low operating costs, in line with the requirements of water conservation. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to adjust the water level. Submersible pump circulating water supply is suitable for small and medium-sized waterscape projects.

With the development of science and technology, large-scale automatic fountains are constantly emerging. In order to meet the needs of water changes, water pumps and submersible pumps are often combined to supply water, giving full play to their respective characteristics, ensuring the stability and flexibility of water supply, simplifying the system and facilitating management.


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