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Water curtain film requirements for water curtain

Publish Time:2019/03/18 News Number of views:903

The requirements of the water curtain film on the water curtain—the clarity of the water curtain film, the continuity of the image stability, and the authenticity of the color, are determined by the quality of the water curtain generator and the water curtain.

The water curtain film has the following basic requirements for the quality of the water curtain: 1. The water curtain produced by the water curtain generator is fan-shaped, consisting of a dense water curtain area and a discrete water curtain area. The film and television screen is projected in the dense water curtain area, so its radius must be larger than the screen size. 2. The dense water curtain area must be composed of fine water droplets of uniform size. The diameter of the water droplets is ≤0.5mm. The distribution of water droplets must be tight and there is no gap. 3, the thickness of the water curtain is one of the important indicators of the stability of the water curtain, should not be too thin after the passage. If it is too thick, it may cause 2 times of imaging, resulting in blur and distortion of the picture. If it is too thin, it may be affected by the wind and flutter or the water curtain may be broken, which will affect the picture quality. 4, the water curtain should be bordered by the water surface of the water body and perpendicular to the water surface, so that the image is like activity on the ground or water surface, the three-dimensional sense is strong and close to life. 5. When making water curtains on natural water bodies (such as reservoirs, lakes, rivers), the water curtain generator should be able to rise and fall with the rise and fall of the water level of the water body.


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