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Music fountain works on the premise that water must be highly demanding

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Music fountain project is common in modern landscape, many large shopping streets and other places, as well as natural water fountain project like Hangzhou West Lake.
In the end, the most important thing in fountain engineering is not lighting equipment, not music, not equipment, but water. All the fountain projects are based on water. Without water, there is no fountain project. If there is no outstanding water quality as a guarantee, it is not aesthetic. Especially now, it’s almost August. Hangzhou is already very hot. In the area with normal summer sunshine, it usually needs to change water once in 7 to 15 days.
Water source of fountain equipment should be colourless, tasteless and sanitary water without harmful impurities. Therefore, besides urban tap water, groundwater can also be used for fountain equipment, and other waste water such as cooling equipment and air conditioning system can also be used as water source for fountain equipment.
Small fountain projects are suitable for small fountain equipment with the flow rate of tap water within 2~3L/s. Water supply is supplied directly by urban tap water pipes. Used water is discharged through garden rainwater pipe network or after pumping. In order to ensure the stable height and range of sprinkler water, water supply must be pressurized through special pumping room. The sprinkled water is still discharged into the rainwater pipe network. Perhaps it is circulated by submersible pump. The submersible pump is placed in a concealed or low place in the sprinkler pool, and the water from the pool is directly pumped to the sprinkler pipe and the sprinkler head for circulating water supply.


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