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How should a musical fountain manufacturer choose

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Fountain manufacturing industry, fountain making enterprises are also uneven, of course, the price is not the same. But “cost-effective no good goods good goods not cost-effective”, especially in the fountain manufacturing industry, the price of musical fountain production immediately jeopardizes the actual effect of fountain visualization performance, fountain machinery and equipment quality and its fountain safety factor. The fountain is supposed to be used for everyone’s viewing appreciation, all quality defects are covered up. Important is the fountain safety hazards, many fountain safety accidents because the musical  fountain manufacturer because of cost savings and not modified security protectors lead to. This type of cheap to lose more than the deal I believe that the vast majority of customers are not easy to do.


musical  fountain manufacturer


The success of a good musical fountain are indispensable to its behind a good musical  fountain manufacturer.

A, select the musical  fountain manufacturer with a separate fountain design department

A reliable and technically professional musical  fountain manufacturer, there must be a separate fountain design department. Design program is the life of the fountain belongs to, fountain water type present style and actual effect are controlled by the fountain design department. Good fountain design program will be the surrounding environment, local history and humanities and natural geographic features and other elements of comprehensive consideration and integration into the fountain, highlighting the fountain design ideas, and then fusion fountain art creative reasonable layout and overall planning, so that the fountain more artistic appreciation of the use of value. Fountain design department generally contains technical professional fountain art creative reasonable layout and composition interior designer, three-dimensional animator, fountain plan actual effect interior designer, water supply and drainage technology engineer, fluid dynamics technology engineer and mechanical and electrical engineers and other staff composition, to ensure that the technical professional high efficiency of the music fountain from the introduction to the performance of all the whole process.

Second, in addition to having a separate fountain engineering construction group of musical  fountain manufacturer

In addition to the fountain design department with technical expertise, but also has a separate fountain engineering construction group. Many small musical  fountain manufacturer to save labor costs, do not raise construction personnel. After receiving the fountain project, the project will be outsourced to the construction personnel to do. Then do to the customer is extremely evasive responsibility, that is, not to ensure that the fountain estimated performance of the actual effect and not to ensure the quality of fountain engineering construction. Moreover, after the acceptance of the project, the fountain afterwards if there are all the problems, will cause the obligation of shifting the blame, can not be clear responsible person, more can not chase people.

Third, select the musical  fountain manufacturer with after-sales maintenance service group

Technical expertise, overall strength of the musical  fountain manufacturer also has a sound after-sales maintenance service group. In the warranty period, regardless of whether the fountain is not operating all normal, are on time for the customer’s fountain to do regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the fountain constantly all normal operation, increase the fountain use period. After the warranty period, there are all the fountain problems, the musical  fountain manufacturer can cooperate with each other to deal with the customer immediately.

At this stage of the market, the real after-sales service group of the musical  fountain manufacturer is very little, in the fountain problems, can not immediately solve the difficulties for customers. Maintenance of fountains as maintenance of beautiful car, we must ensure that the maintenance and maintenance on time, from these aspects, select the musical  fountain manufacturer containing after-sales service group is essential.

Fourth, the fountain project experience musical  fountain manufacturer

Fountain project work experience to a certain level means the overall strength of the company. After many years of development trend of the musical  fountain manufacturer generally has a colorful fountain design program and building construction work experience, customers can be based on their own requirements, fusion musical  fountain manufacturer’s past project work experience and overall strength, the overall consideration of this musical  fountain manufacturer is not able to consider their own must. In terms of choosing a musical  fountain manufacturer: Yes is not necessarily the right one. But the right must be all aspects of their own satisfaction.

Five, with the fountain manufacturing industry level qualification certificate musical  fountain manufacturer

In the fountain manufacturing industry, the musical  fountain manufacturer to have the qualification certificate administered by the China Chemical Building Metal Components Research Association Fountain Waterscape Federation. Qualification certificate level from high to low divided into special, A one, A two, B one, B two and C six levels. Fountain level zoning from the musical  fountain manufacturer’s registered capital, contract credit, technical energy and level, weapons and equipment and the use of standards, management capabilities and other aspects of comprehensive consideration identification.

The above is the musical  fountain manufacturer how to choose the introduction! I believe that you should have understood, today I will give you so much, if you still do not understand what, I will always answer for you!






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