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How should Yunnan Fountain Equipment Company choose?

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Now that the economy is developing rapidly, the scale of urban construction is also expanding, people’s living conditions are better, and the requirements for some landscape construction are naturally higher. Just like the construction of fountain equipment nowadays, there are more and more fountain equipment, which gave birth to many Yunnan fountain equipment companies. These companies have a variety of different types, but how to choose becomes a problem. Many people will ask, how to choose? What if there is a problem when choosing a bad company? Jiayue Fountain Company] is a waterscape enterprise dedicated to the design and construction of musical fountains. The company focuses on the development and promotion of musical fountains ★ square fountains ★ water curtain movies ★ water fountains ★ artificial fog and other technologies. Jiayue Fountain Company is a professional fountain design, construction and manufacturing enterprise: a professional fountain company integrating fountain design, manufacturing, installation and post-maintenance. Mainly undertake: musical fountain ★ program-controlled fountain ★ dry fountain ★ community and square fountains and other fountain projects.


Yunnan Fountain Equipment Company
Let me introduce to you how to choose Yunnan Fountain Equipment Company?

How should Yunnan Fountain Equipment Company choose:

When customers are looking for a professional musical fountain production company, they often don’t know how to measure the strength of the fountain company, and they don’t know whether the fountain company can meet their needs and provide services. From the customer’s point of view, summarize the following points and teach you how to choose a reliable music fountain production company!

One, choose a fountain company with an independent fountain creative design team;

A formal and professional fountain company must have an independent fountain design team. Design is the soul of the fountain. The display style and effect of the fountain’s water type are all controlled by the fountain design team. A good fountain design will comprehensively consider the surrounding environment, local humanities and geographical characteristics and integrate them into the fountain, highlight the fountain design concept, and combine the creative layout and planning of the fountain to make the fountain more artistic appreciation value. The fountain design team generally includes professional fountain creative layout and arranger designers, three-dimensional animators, fountain graphic effect designers, water supply and drainage engineers, fluid mechanics engineers and electrical engineers to ensure professional and efficient completion of the musical fountain from guide to The whole process of acting.

2. A fountain company that also has an independent fountain construction team;

In addition to a professional fountain design team,    also has an independent fountain construction team. Many small fountain companies do not raise construction teams to save labor costs. After receiving the fountain project, the project was outsourced to the construction team. Doing so is extremely irresponsible to the customer, that is, the expected performance of the fountain cannot be expected and the quality of the fountain project cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, after the acceptance, if there is any problem with the follow-up fountain, the responsibility will be evasive, and the responsible person cannot be identified, let alone the responsible person.

Three, choose a fountain company with after-sales service team;

Professional and powerful fountain company will have a complete after-sales service team. During the warranty period, no matter whether the fountain is operating normally, we will regularly check and maintain the fountain of the customer, so that the fountain will continue to operate normally and extend the service life of the fountain. After the warranty period, if there is any fountain problem, the fountain company can cooperate with the customer to solve it in time.

At present, there are very few fountain companies that really have after-sales teams on the market. After the fountain has problems, they cannot solve the problems for customers in time. Maintaining a fountain is like maintaining a car. Regular maintenance must be done. From this aspect, it is particularly important to choose a fountain company with an after-sales team.

4. Fountain company with rich experience in fountain engineering

Fountain engineering experience to some extent represents the overall strength of the company. After years of development, fountain companies generally have rich experience in fountain design and engineering construction. Customers can judge whether the fountain company can meet their needs based on their own needs, combined with the previous engineering experience and comprehensive strength of the fountain company. In terms of choosing a fountain company: it is not necessarily suitable. But what is suitable must satisfy you in all aspects.

5. Fountain companies with qualifications for the fountain industry;

In the fountain industry, fountain companies must have a grade certificate issued by the Fountain Waterscape Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association. The certificate level is divided into six levels from high to low: special, first-class, second-class, first-class, second-class and third-class. The division of fountain grades is comprehensively considered and evaluated from the registered capital of fountain enterprises, contract quota, technical strength and level, equipment and application level, and management level.

The music fountain company is selected according to the ranking order, that is to say, its good ranking situation is all affirmation of its strength music fountain company. If you don’t know which company is better? Of course, you can learn about the musical fountain companies that are ranked before the exam, and then choose which musical fountain equipment is more suitable for you. Of course, a professional musical fountain company can customize it according to customer requirements.

The quality of music fountain equipment is very important, and it also reduces its maintenance rate. If the performance is unstable, the installation is unprofessional or incorrect, it will inevitably affect the normal use of the music fountain equipment, increase maintenance costs, and actually increase the price of the music fountain equipment. In other words, before choosing music fountain equipment, do not blindly follow the low-priced equipment, consider related issues for long-term use, and avoid unnecessary costs.

Choosing a well-known musical fountain company with a high market share, the correct choice of suitable and dedicated musical fountain equipment is also a correct and reliable choice. You need to consider issues when choosing a musical fountain company. The suitable musical fountain equipment is actually a qualified musical fountain equipment, which really exerts its practicability, so let’s reduce the cost of the choice.

After   , I have to mention the price issue. In the fountain industry, fountain production companies are also mixed, and prices are naturally high and low. But “cheap is not good, good goods are not cheap”, especially in the fountain industry, the production price of musical fountains directly affects the intuitive performance of the fountain, the quality of the fountain equipment and the safety of the fountain. The fountain was originally used for people’s viewing and appreciation, and any quality defects cannot be concealed. The most important issue is the safety of fountains. Many fountain casualties are caused by fountain manufacturers failing to install safety protection devices due to cost savings. I believe that most customers will not do this kind of business that is greedy for small and cheap.

In short, customers can choose fountain companies and manufacturers based on the above points as the basis for inspection. It is recommended that customers try their best to choose a professional fountain company that integrates fountain design, construction, fountain equipment research and development, and fountain after-sales maintenance, so that the fountain can be guaranteed in all service links!

The above is the editor’s introduction to how to choose Yunnan Fountain Equipment Company and related content! I believe you should already have some understanding. Today I will introduce so much. If you have any needs, please feel free to inquire!


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