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What are the design principles of musical fountain design

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Jiayue fountain company water fountain design principles, water fountain design process to follow a lot of norms and principles, these principles are in the history of water fountain development has worked in the water fountain designer’s experience. We should learn more about these water feature fountain design principles, and innovation on this basis. Musical fountain design should be around the water feature high point of the theme spring, creative theme design. And named after the central water column, or the central water pine, cedar, etc.

Musical fountain design


There are three ways to achieve: universal linear combination and high pressure high flow pump. By a single aeration nozzle or multiple aeration nozzle combination work; water feature design is achieved through the work of a single water cannon nozzle. Around the theme of spring seeding, linear structures can be used, shooting from the inside, outside, vertical or horizontal. It is composed of inner throwing spring, outer throwing spring, water curtain spring and flower basket spring. At the same time can use the underwater server to form a running spring, running spring.


The company’s fountain equipment Musical fountain design principles can be symmetrical arrangement, can also be asymmetrical arrangement, high and low staggered to form a different picture effect. Inner spring can be divided into spacing of 10 ~ 15cm inner spring. Can be made into a round or crystal dome, spacing 30 ~ 35cm. outer spring to the outer basket distance of 15 ~ 20cm rainbow spring, usually composed of large diameter straight line. Spacing 10~20cm. or double-layer combination side baskets with lace. Spacing:100~200cm. it can be arranged in a circle or arc or straight line.


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