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How to choose a brand fountain design company

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Fountain is a dynamic art water feature that not only moistens the air and reduces dust, but also beautifies the environment and makes ordinary cities come alive.


Brand fountain design company

Beautiful fountain can not be separated from the excellent design, excellent design can not be separated from a good company, so how to choose a good brand fountain design company? A good brand fountain design company should have three points:


Choose a company with an independent fountain design team.


Design is the soul of the fountain. A good fountain design will take into account the surrounding environment, local customs and geographical features into the fountain, highlighting the theme of the fountain, combined with the designer’s planning of the fountain, so that the fountain more appreciation value. An independent design team can make suggestions from another angle to show the client’s needs and ideas in terms of functional planning and design, effect design and material procurement.


Brand fountain design company also has a fountain construction team.


With the rise of the fountain water feature industry, there are more and more musical fountain companies, there are many informal, unprofessional musical fountain companies just successfully install the fountain, regardless of any after-sales service. Many fountains built soon after use, various problems, and then find, the company has moved away, or closed, more importantly, many small companies without qualifications, two without products, three without experience, four without personnel, five without service, they implement the project, hanging rental business operations, in the staff without fountain water features engineering expertise, do not understand the construction points, fountain quality can be imagined, which also Caused many junk projects on the market, tofu-dreg projects, causing irreparable losses to customers. In fact, fountain water features production is a very professional industry. Therefore, when you want to do a fountain, you must go to their company for an on-site inspection and choose a brand fountain design company with a strong engineering manufacturer, as well as a fountain construction team.


Choose a brand fountain design company that has an after-sales service team.


A strong brand fountain design company will have a complete after-sales service team. During the warranty period, the customer’s fountain will be regularly inspected and maintained, regardless of whether the fountain is operating normally. After the warranty period is over, the company will try to cooperate with the customer to solve the fountain problems in time.

There are few musical fountain companies in the market that really have an after-sales team. After the fountain problems, it is not possible to solve the customer’s problems in a timely manner. In this regard, it is especially important to choose a brand fountain design company with an after-sales team, customers will have a lot of trouble.



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