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How to make a good music fountain

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We know that the protection of water resources is very important nowadays, and water conservation is one of the basic policies. Musical fountain in the design of the time, to take full account of the loss of water mist eruption time. Musical fountain in the design of the time to take full account of the water pollution brought about by the water cycle process, so do a good job of purification device is very important.

Musical fountain

Nowadays, many musical fountains, the theme of the structure is designed to concrete for the pool, this structure does not leak, and also not easy to crack and seepage. For some of the super-large musical fountain, in the construction of the time will also take into account, retain the shrinkage joints, settlement joints these structures, the use of some soft material filling.

In each of the musical fountain, such as pipe ditch, pump, etc., these devices are designed to make leak-proof treatment. Around the musical fountain, most of them are using granite, glazed tiles, etc. These waterproof devices, and use waterproof full color. On the bottom of the musical fountain and the pool wall of the various structural design, will be adapted to local conditions, but the overall to adopt certain leak-proof measures, for some easy to vibrate the place to use flexible pipes.

Landscape music fountain, often with large lighting, music equipment, in the water column Pengfa time and these devices with each other, forming a bright landscape. These large settings, energy consumption is huge, for the later maintenance costs are not small. In the design before, to do a reasonable assessment, demonstration, and strive to determine the landscape effect does not suffer loss at the same time, as far as possible to reduce energy consumption.


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