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The choice of nozzle is very important in the design of Sichuan fountain

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The choice of nozzle is very important in the design of Sichuan fountain. Various types of nozzles are widely used in Waterscape to generate different shapes of water. At present, there are great differences in the quality of domestic sprinkler heads. Compared with foreign similar products, the biggest problem is not only the appearance, but also the design quality. For example, the nozzle parameters provided by a manufacturer are far from the actual operation values. The biggest requirement of water landscape engineering is beautiful water shape and smooth and stable jet.


Sichuan fountain design

However, the jet of most domestic products is either strong divergent or hairy shaving; even if they are the same batch of products, their water shape quality is extremely unstable. In addition to the reason that the machining accuracy of domestic nozzles is insufficient due to small-scale production, the fundamental problem is that there is no perfect design theory and design basis in the design of special nozzles for water landscape. Therefore, we suggest that the national professional association organize relevant experts to formulate feasible design specifications and standards as soon as possible, so as to further develop the Waterscape fountain industry of Sichuan fountain design in a more standardized way.
In addition, different landscape forms are suitable for different application scenarios. For example, Sichuan fountain design music fountain is generally applicable to square and other assembly places. It is an organic combination of music, water shape and light to give people the aesthetic feeling of vision and hearing; at the same time, the fountain and the square are integrated, forming a part of the building. The buildings in the residential area are more suitable to be surrounded by streams to reflect the quiet and leisurely atmosphere, and give people a gentle and relaxed visual enjoyment, so as to create a pleasant living and rest space.


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