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Invisible Protection Engineering_Fountain Landscape

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With the rapid development of the city, urbanization has further accelerated, and environmental beautification has developed into a large and complete industrial chain. Various landscapes such as fountain waterscapes attract people’s attention, and the water landscape plays an important role in improving the quality of the living environment and enhancing the image of the city. If there is water, then the value of the house will also increase due to water.


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This is because the water landscape increases the comfort of the living environment, improves the microclimate of the living area, and makes people feel the return to nature. The organic combination of fountain landscape and urban square and residential community construction has become an important part of the city’s highlights and spiritual civilization construction, and is deeply loved by the general public.

At present, many water fountains in China have different degrees of water quality deterioration. Especially when organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen and other substances are accumulated in water, they will promote the rapid propagation of algae. In the process of algae reproduction and growth, oxygen in water will be consumed. To make the water eutrophic. The reason for the eutrophication is that there is no water treatment facility in the landscape water body, and a considerable part of the fountain waterscape project does not have the installation of water treatment equipment in order to save investment, so the water quality of the third and fourth types of landscape water specified in the regulations cannot be met. standard. Although these projects have beautified the environment as a whole, they have also polluted the environment on the other hand.

The spray water is softened to achieve a decalcifying effect, which is then fed into the spray host by a pipe. The advantages are that the water quality is optimized, the damage rate of the nozzles and other equipment is reduced, the quality of the project is ensured, and the fogging effect is better, which also provides a technical reference for the industry to face water quality problems, and has been highly praised by customers.


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