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Do you know the basic principle and production steps of Sichuan professional music fountain?

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Sichuan professional music fountain
1、 Basic principles of music fountain
Sichuan professional music fountain is designed according to a variety of fountain shapes, integrating colorful lighting lamps to reflect the inner letter of music and the theme style of music. A good music fountain, the change of water shape should be able to fully express the music. The software of music control system is added on the basis of program flow to control the fountain. According to the resolution of audio and MIDI data signals, the electronic computer carries out decoding and numbering, and finally outputs the data signals to the control system software, so as to keep the shape design of the fountain and the change of lighting effect synchronized with the music, so as to achieve the change of water type, lighting effect and color of the fountain The ultimate integration of music mentality makes the fountain performance more lifelike and has the plastic art of inner letter and reflecting water. Music fountain: it can change according to the level of music. Customers can write their favorite music program flow on the writing page. Playing system software can keep the music, water, lighting effect atmosphere unified, playing synchronous.
Simple and clear, the basic principle of music fountain: in fact, it is to convert the audio signal into the electric frequency data signal. The electric frequency data signal controls the water pump according to the soft starter, so that the working pressure of the water pump changes with the rhythm of the music. According to the music to control the water flow, achieve the actual effect of synchronization with the music, and the water flow is controlled by the water pump, and the water pump is composed of three-phase asynchronous motor, if the speed ratio of three-phase asynchronous motor into the DC switching power supply, the speed ratio is not changed, the soft starter is professional for motor speed control equipment. The speed ratio of the motor is controlled by the soft starter to change the water flow. Changing the frequency changes the speed ratio of the motor, and also changes the working pressure of the water pump. The different frequency of the music is sent to the control end of the variable frequency motor through the design of the single chip microcomputer, so that the rated power of the motor changes with the tone, rhythm, and height of the music. The working pressure of the water pump changes with the change, and the water spouted has high and low changes, and is controlled by several sets of machinery and equipment Multiple nozzles are used to control the generation of fountains, which are water pumps. Change the rhythm and compressive strength of music into control data signal, which controls a working voltage control component. After the working voltage control component, the output voltage of switching power supply changes with the change of music, and then controls the pump motor.
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2、 Sichuan professional music fountain production steps
Generally speaking, the steps of making music fountains around the world are to select the music to play first;
Then, according to the music playing, the computer staff used 3D animation software to make music fountains, water patterns and garden waterscape with different lighting effects to reflect the music feelings, and constantly adjusted them, feeling that they could completely reflect the music feelings; Then the control staff manually weaves the control program flow according to the animation display information of 3D music fountain to make the nozzle, DC frequency converter and lighting effect move to create a specific music fountain, and constantly adjust it to make it basically consistent with the 3D animation simulation display information;
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Finally, the three system software (music play, animation display information, control implementation) to carry out joint trial, until the three match each other. It can be seen that there is no integration of information content in the whole production process, and the three production processes are harmonized by manual services.


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