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What are the key points of the square fountain design and construction?

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The construction of the square fountain is a comprehensive project, including the construction of multiple projects. The square fountain construction requirements are strict, the main construction sequence, hydropower installation engineering, and hydropower program-controlled debugging. So what exactly is the construction process of the square fountain?

Square fountain

The following editor will introduce to you what are the construction procedures of the square fountain?

Square fountain construction process:

1. Construction technical measures:

1. The prefabricated part of the pipeline is the main control circle:

Straight main pipe and round pipe fixed eye; eye position drilling (DN15-DN25); big eye position gas cutting (above DN25); branch pipe cutting; support pipe threading; bracket accessories cutting; accessories drilling; holding strategy processing; Water pump flange machining and drilling.


Technical requirements and measures: bending rounds need to be lofted, cut and molded to make circles, straight pipes need to be fixed on the pipe axis line first, and fixed, punched, and reamed to ensure the correct size; bracket processing needs to be processed strictly according to the standard pipe diameter, first Bracket accessories are sampled, and then set according to the sample, and the bracket accessories of the same pipe diameter are common. Ensure that the effort required to install the bracket reaches the limit. Sampling inspections should be done when necessary. After each prefabrication work is completed, technical inspections and quality acceptance should be done.

2. This project is a special water and electricity structure:

The division of sub-projects and their construction sequence are hydropower prefabrication project-hydropower installation project-water, electricity, and program-controlled commissioning. The prefabrication installation projects are scheduled to be completed on schedule. Each prefabrication installation project organizes parallel overlapping water construction, and the main pipeline installation is performed in a bottom-up order .

3. The electrical prefabrication part is the processing of lamp holders, control panel processing and assembly, chassis processing, and junction box processing.

Technical requirements measures: the processing and assembly of the control screen must meet the technical requirements of the fountain and the corresponding construction specifications. After the original circuit is assembled, it must be debugged and the parameters can meet the design requirements before it can enter the installation site; after the wiring is processed, it must undergo a waterproof test to check its processing quality.

2. Installation engineering: Divided into two parts: pipeline installation and electrical installation:

1. Pipeline installation and construction process:

Site stakeout→→→bracket bottom plate installation→→→elevation measurement→→→temporary water and electricity


Technical requirements and measures: The drawing must be enlarged to 1:1 for site stakeout, the bottom plate must be fixed firmly, the elevation must be measured with a level, and the temporary power supply must be set to the mechanical equipment to avoid pipeline crushing, leakage, and power distribution. The box must be equipped with a leakage protector. The installation of each item must be installed according to the sample. The pipeline must be horizontal and vertical. The arc of the main pipe caused by the welding of the branch pipe must be straightened. The water pump must be installed tightly. The nozzle must be initially debugged. , When the pipeline is painted, the bottom surface of the pipeline shall not leak paint.

2, electrical installation construction process:

Cable laying→→→Junction box installation→→→Water pump, lantern, cable connection→→→Color lantern installation

Technical requirements and measures: The cable laying must be soft and must not be tightened. When crossing the road, a dark trench or steel pipe must be used. When laying, a layer of brick and yellow sand (outside the pool) must be laid up and down to prevent the cable from being damaged; Keep a certain distance between the top surface and the water surface (the distance between the lamp and the water surface is 5cm); the connection of the lamp line, pump line, and cable line must be tight and tight, and the pump line pipeline control panel must be reliably grounded. After each construction process is completed, Technical inspection and acceptance shall be carried out, concealed acceptance records shall be made, and the water shall be cleared after construction.

3, water, electricity, program-controlled debugging construction process:

Water pump debugging→→→Nozzle debugging→→→Light debugging→→→Program control program debugging

Technical requirements and measures: all pump forward and reverse debugging, nozzle combination modeling debugging, lighting combination debugging, program control effect debugging, these must be adjusted according to the design effect not only from close distance, but also from long distance effect .

The above is an introduction to the construction process and related content of the square fountain! I believe you should already know something, if you have any needs, please feel free to inquire!


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