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Fountain company to introduce you to the water fountain

Publish Time:2021/10/15 News Number of views:806

Waterscape fountain art to give life to the water, so that each drop of water are beating with the note, and sometimes the spray of water column white and thick very shocking, unique shape. Sometimes the formation of crystal-clear flat water film, illuminated by LED lights, colorful, beautiful.





Jumping fountain is a special water feature fountain, a section of the water column like a glass column shiny, flying around in the air, not “splash” not scattered, fun without inferior. These water fountain art landscape integrated use of sound, light, electricity technology, to create a water color and light blend, alternating reality, the beautiful mood of movement, the construction of three-dimensional flow of light space, enriching the performance of the garden night scene, so that people experience the beauty of water features.


People have hydrophilic performance, duality thinking of lighting design can not ignore the human emotion of water. Whether wading, playing and watching the water are inseparable from the light, the light and emotions into one water space, can provide a coexistence of leisure and entertainment emotions.


Waterscape can make people feel as if they are in the natural landscape, beautiful and soothing streams, waterways, waterfalls, the sound of water, for the garden to create a special atmosphere of human habitation, let people feel like entering the peach garden wonderland. The stream shape is an extension of the waterscape, adding a sense of hierarchy to the garden. In the design of lighting water streams and ponds, a jet light with fogging function is set to make the waterscape like clouds and fog, creating a special realm, and under the lighting of LED lights, it is gorgeous, such as the rise of time discs.


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